>Skill + 1UP 2kcbwday2


I’ve been struggling with this entry. How do you make the skills that you’ve learned interesting to read about. And, then while I was working on a shawl for my Nan, it struck me.  I’ve done steeking. 

 That’s right, I have learned how to purposely cut up my knitting. Even worse, I learned how to steek when I was brutally hung over. (Vodka is very , very bad and should never be consumed. Apparently 3 martinis are all it takes and believe me, not worth the cost of admission.) So there I was in my steeking class with my BFF and the owner of the store and my friend Glenna from Knitting to Stay Sane who is really a Steeking Queen, still going through withdrawl and not sure that I could see straight let alone take a pair of scissors to my colour-work. (Thankfully, we had Mimosa to go with the yummy breakfast food we had all brought with us. Hair of the dog was a really good thing that morning.) And then a pair of scissors are thrust into my hands and I was forced to cut up my own knitting. 

Arm Hole after steeking

 I wanted to throw up, for more than one reason. So I took a deep breath and cut. And you know what? My knitting did not explode into a tangled unravelled mess. It stayed right were I put it. It really stayed. I was shocked and thrilled and learned that there is great value in being able to steek your work. I learned how to steek with a crocheted edge and how to make a seam with a sewing machine. I learned how to make arm holes and most importantly, learned that steeking wasn’t nearly as scary as I thought it was going to be.

Arm hole before steeking

Will I ever start using this technique in my day to day knitting? Probably not. Am I really happy that I learned a skill that I found super challenging and frankly downright terrifying? One Hundred percent. I recommend that at least once you give it a try. It’s worth the effort. Just for the love of God, stay the hell away from the vodka before you do.   


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