>A Study in Nature: The Creation of a Knitter

>The child of a knitter holds a special place in the hierarchy of the human species. They are born into a world of beauty, and that world welcomes them with open arms. They are almost destined to become a knitter themselves. That influence starts at a very young age. Let’s examine the influences that sculpt a young mind into that of a full-fledged knitter.
 First, the child is surrounded by other knitters all the time.

Hopefully those knitters are generally happy; thus the child learns that knitting means happiness and this belief will become as innate as breathing.

It is clear that this connection has been fully understood when the child is presented with yarn and immediately begins rolling around, smiling, and laughing.

Notice how the future knitter first explores, then attacks the yarn in a fit of glee.

The learning is furthered when the child begins to realize that it is not just yarn that needs exploring, but other objects as well.

These objects hold great interest for the child and they have a built in desire to learn what they are.

Finally, after a hard day of knitting exploration, what could be better than curling up and sleeping peacefully under a hand knit shawl.

Clearly this child is well on the way to becoming a knitter.

When did you first realize that there was a knitter living inside of you?


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