>WIP Wednesday, (Just a Little Late.)

>Ugh!  I spent most of the this week feeling like I had swallowed broken glass sometime Saturday night.  By Tuesday night I did feel mostly better, but I just didn’t have the energy to sit at the computer last night.  I was sick enough that I missed a day and a half at work, which is something that I rarely do.  But, the good news is, I wasn’t too sick to knit.  (I always know if I’m well and truly sick when I can’t knit.)  So there has been great progress made this week.

First the shawl for my Nan is finished.  Well, the knitting part at least.  Clearly the ends need to be woven in and there needs to be some blocking happening.   It’s 6 1/2 skeins of Mirasol  Hacho from my stash.  I’m really happy to finally see what that yarn wanted to become and it is the first official Christmas gift for the year finished.  Oddly, I still feel really behind on the Christmas Knitting front.

Next, the first of the Falling Leaves is finished.  I have been a little bad and have not cast on the second sock yet, which does put me in danger of making sock and not socks, but the goal is to have it cast on and the toe knit before Saturday.  (Though apparently I have a stunning sock pattern and yarn coming from the Smart Ass/ World Domination knitters club on Friday, so I may need to cast those on tonight.) The sock is hanging out on my shiny new sock blockers.  I have been wanting sock blockers for a really long time, so this is kind’ve exciting.

And finally, after not being able to decide what to cast on next, I jumped in a completely unexpected direction and went here to Asterisk in Paging Dr. Smart Ass.  Apparently this is what needed to be on the needles now.  I have no idea why, I’m just going with the flow.  This will be the second Christmas Gift for the year.  Yay me!

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