Off to the Boneyard

The boneyard is finished, blocked, and ready for my Grandmother’s Christmas Gift.  Here it is.  It’s one skein of Sport Merino from IndigoDragonFly.


It’s slightly different than the Boneyard I made for myself.  In mine I did the M1 as yarnovers and in my Grandmother’s I did the M1 by picking up stitches from between two existing stitches.  The difference is subtle but noticeable.

See the difference?

My Grandmother is one of my biggest knitting fans so I am so happy to make her something she is going to love.  Even the colour is perfect.   Maybe  now she will return the Clapotis to my Aunt!

I had a lot of fun making both of them and I am very happy to have another gift crossed off the list for the Christmas season.






3 responses to “Off to the Boneyard

  • misty

    They are both beautiful but I think I like the M1 as yarnovers a little bit better. But, I think I’m going through a lace phase right now.

    the colors are gorgeous!

  • Natalie

    Both beautiful, and I think you’re pretty cunning starting Christmas knitting in plenty of time for it to be non stressful!

  • northernnarratives

    I really like both of them. They are simply beautiful! I better start on my own Christmas gifts soon. Judy

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