Danger Will Robinson!!

So after much faffing about on my part, my dissertation for Nerd Wars was approved on Sunday.  (And I really do mean my part.  Moosekilt was amazing at getting back to me almost instantly every time I posted something.  I am beginning to think that she may never actually sleep.)  That means that the War is in full swing in my house.  The spinning has begun and this month’s knitting entry is also underway.

These random pieces of knitting are going to eventually make Stone the Gargoyle.  He and his intended mate Rosetta are going to be my entry in the Technical challenge: 3 dimensional.  They won’t pick up any extra “team spirit” points,  (unless someone can point out a gargoyle reference in Firefly that I have forgotten about) but they will grab 10 base points and since the little critters are already on my list for the year, I figured why not?

Here’s where the danger starts.  I now have two spinning projects on the go.  How is that possible since I only have one wheel? Well, now I have two.  And there is a project on each.  The last time I was at my favourite LYS, one of the other women that I know had just had her Louet Victoria returned to her from someone who had been trying it out before she decided if she wanted to buy it.  I love the little Victoria as it’s the wheel that I learned to spin on.  So Suzie passed it on to me and in the autumn I will pay her for it.  So now I am trying to divide my time between both wheels in an attempt to finish both spinning projects by the end of June.  So far my husband doesn’t seem to mind the fact that stray wheels seem to follow me home the way that other people would bring home kittens and I think he even understands that justification that my BFF’s wheel is a stay at home wheel and my Victoria is a travel wheel.  I think if any more come home there may be issues, however.

So with all that is mind, here is the start of my Nerd Wars dissertation spinning.  It’s 100% Superwash Merino.  It’s still a light and airy fibre , but unlike the corridale that comes in long strands, this comes more in chunks.  I love the way it’s spinning up.

Hopefully sometime in the very near future there will be a whole lot of finished spinning to share.


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