FO Friday

There is something truly magical for me about finishing a pair of socks. I’m not sure what makes the completion of this particle type of project more joyous than finishing a sweater but it is clear that socks are the sweet spot for me, so to speak. I am excited beyond words when a pair is finished. I immediately put them on, do a little happy dance, and then flop on the sofa with my feet in the air admiring my own handiwork. I take great pride in something that for the most part people are never going to see. Knitted socks have come to hold a very special place in my heart. A few years ago I could not begin to contemplate why anyone would ever make socks with lace or cables and now it makes perfect sense. So I am very pleased to present my finished Lenore v2.0. I am even more pleased by the fact that I knocked an entire year of the production time of my second pair and at no point did I burst into tears or pitch the whole thing across the apartment.

The yarn is Waterloo Wools and the colourway is Wine & Roses. It will  be a few months before I am willing to wear socks again, but when the cold weather eventually and inevitably returns, my new socks will be waiting and I will wear them with as much glee as I have right now while I type these words.  I am a happy knitter.


11 responses to “FO Friday

  • Karen

    Pretty socks!! And I can totally understand what you are feeling! A year ago I wouldn’t have understood, but now I do 🙂

  • Sharon

    They came out adorable!! I love the color – you have every right to be a proud mama of those of those too cute socks!!

  • Stitched Together

    I feel like that when I put on hand made socks. There is no other feeling. It is because they feel so wonderful on your feet. It isn’t something you show off so it feels like a private secret. It is a project purely for yourself and your own joy and comfort. How often do we have an opportunity to feel that way in life? That is why socks make us happy.

  • Natalie

    They are really lovely, you are right to be proud!

  • Claire H.

    Those turned out lovely, and i ❤ your description of how you behave when you finish a pair.

  • Tami

    Love these socks!!!! They’re beautiful. When you described what you do when you finish a pair? That was me Wednesday night! I must now confess, I’m wearing them around the house right now again. It’s raining and chilly here (weirdly), so it’s nice to be able to enjoy mine.

  • Tiny Angry

    Oh those socks came out lovely!!! I -still- need to start mine. I’ll get to em, eventually.

  • chemicalika

    Hurrah, for new socks! I love the feeling too and tend to prance around in them for a while.

    And congratulations for finishing them so speedily too 😀

  • Kathleen

    Oh, I love a good feels-like-magic finished project, and these socks are definitely pretty magical, even through the computer screen! The colours are fantastic, and the pattern is so pretty.

  • wypad

    Very very beautiful socks! I have yet to (successfully) complete lace socks, so I really admire people who can. It’s too bad summer is not conducive to wearing them. . . can I suggest toe-less socks for the next few months? 😉

  • evelyn

    Your socks are excellent! Congratulations.

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