Ooooohhhh, Shiny

As many of you have probably figured out by now, I’m a project whore. I flutter around my stash and my WIPS working on whatever catches my eye and  matches my mood. I make no secret of my extreme project polygamy and on some level it does work as I do actually finish things from time to time. It also does things like inspire  The Come Blog A-Long  group on Ravelry so I see no need to change it.

It does mean however, that I am easily swayed by new and shiny knitting projects. So here’s the latest and it’s really shiny. It the Paintbox Log  Cabin blanket made from Noro. It seems to be on everyone’s needles these days and I am the latest to jump on the back of this very colorful wagon.

One down. Nineteen to go!

I am still a little unsure how I went from having no Noro in my stash to having this on my coffee table. That’s 8 balls, (9 if you count the one that’s already been knit.)

But, I blame both my bird like attention span and the knitting mafia that I am part of. (You all know who you are ;). So there is it, another Noro blanket. This one will be going to my sister in-law and her husband for Christmas. I know they’ll like it and as long as their dog doesn’t eat it we’ll all get along just fine.


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