Knitting in Public

So I’m sure as most of you know yesterday was “Knit In Public Day. ”  In since I had to do my part for the cause I  dutifully took my knitting with me to the pub and drank cider while sitting on the back patio and knitting.  (I’m sure you can tell that it was a real hardship. But I thought I just have to do this for the betterment of the knitting community.)

Unfortunately I can’t say much about what I am knitting.  It’s the June package for the Indigodragonfly club and since not everyone will have received their package  yet I don’t want to spoil the surprise for anyone who may be reading this.  What I can say is that it’s the yarn I named!  Each package comes with a card that includes the designer and artist story and the colourway story.  And there on the card is my name and how the colourway name came to be! I’m very excited and had no idea that Kim was going to use my name idea (which by the way is “Hungry Hungry Hipsters”).  Anyway, enough about me naming yarn and back to the knit in public day.

I knit in public all the time.  Parks, coffee shops, movie line ups, pubs, on public transit.  I’ve knit in them all.  And most people react very well to seeing my knit.  I’ve had conversations with more people then I can list about my knitting, what I’m knitting and why.  I once had someone take my knitting out of my hands to take a better look at it.  (That did not really please me, though I enjoyed her enthusiasm.)  My favourites time are when the men in their 70’s or older start talking to me.  The are always so excited to see that “kids” still knit.(I’m in my 30’s.)  I get stories about how they had to knit in school, or how their wives are knitters or took up knitting to as their part of the “war effort.”  I love the conversation that it generates and I think that it makes both of our days a little brighter.

With that in mind, I think that all knitters should knit in public all the time.  Don’t be shy!  Take your needles and yarn and knit away.  Knitting makes the world a happier, softer, more colourful place.  Knitters are generally very nice people and people are generally very nice to knitters.  And if we play our cards right, one day we will be able to take over the world!!!!  Crocheters and spinners welcome too.


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