A whole lot of WIP Wednesday

Tomorrow is June 23rd, which means it’s Indigodragonfly’s birthday. Pop over here to send her birthday wishes. That also means it’s the start of her 3 month summer knit a-long. The only rule is that any projects entered must be made with her yarn.  Other than that it’s pretty laid back.
Fortunately this coincides nicely with The Year of Projects which means that I am going completely overboard. Really, I wouldn’t be me if i didn’t overcommit myself. So between now and the second week of September, here’s my Indigodragonfly knit list. (Feel free to snicker, chuckle, and laugh out loud at any point.)
First in the WIP category is my poor neglected Asterick. It’s never recovered from having it’s first wing frogged back.  But, it’s a Christmas gift and needs to be finished so it’s a logical choice.

Paging Dr. Smartass

In the same category is my June club package pattern and I cast it on straight away after receiving my package.  Unfortunately  Canada Post is still on strike which means that there are a whole lot of people waiting for this package to arrive.  I don’t want to spoil their fun and will post actual pictures as soon as I can.  I assure you I am not knitting anything in the photo.

In the Less Large Category is Clockwork by Stephen West. I have been dying to cast this on since I saw Kim’s when we were at the cottage in February. It’s for me and I can’t wait to make it.

Leave it to Reaver and The Muppet Genome Project

So far things are looking good. Here’s where it starts to go off the rails a little.
Two pairs of socks for the Sock Category. The first is the Flaming Desire socks followed by the Fishbone Gansey socks. I am a little concerned about yardage for the latter but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Hammer Meet Thumb for Flaming Desire

Bored Now for Fishbone

And, now here’s the insanity really setting in. My final entry is in the club package category and it’s the Staked socks. My own fear of this pattern has been holding me back from casting it on, but the time has come and I need to try.

And Then Buffy Staked Edward

So there it is. This is me losing my mind out there for all of you to see. Wish me luck. I’m going to need it. And really, I don’t need to sleep or eat for the next three months right? Anyone know how to i.v. drip coffee? I think that might be helpful.


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