Introducing Stone

I finished my first entry for the Nerd Wars over on Ravelry.  And while there won’t be any “team spirit” points for my little gargoyle he’s finished and going to scoop some points for my team.

Here he is 1/2 finished.  At this point I was calling him “Sto.”

As you can see he still needs some work

But with a little more love he became “Stone.”

He quickly made himself right at home and even found a new friend.

He even insisted on checking out my Dissertation progress. (Also part of Nerd Wars.) He seemed pleased enough and gave it thumbs up.

As a child when other little girls wanted unicorns and ponies I wanted a dragon and a gargoyle.  Let’s be honest;  I still want a dragon and a gargoyle.  Just think of how much easier the commute to work or your favourite yarn store would be.  Though I do think we’d need a little more space than we have now.  So until that day comes Stone will keep me company and make sure I finish all my Nerd Wars items.


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