Triple Duty – A Year of Projects Update

This morning I cast on the Fishbone Gansey socks in “Bored Now” from Indigodragonfly. This little pair of socks have a big responsibility in my knitting world. They are fulfilling three of my summer knitting goals.

First, they are part of Indigodragonfly’s Summer of Doom Knit-a-long. This means that officially 4/6 projects have been cast on and one is finished. (Due to the recent postal strike in Canada many people are still waiting for their packages to arrive. My first FO is the June club pack and Kim has requested that I wait until June 15th to post anything. It will be next week’s FO Friday post.) With any luck these socks will show up in an FO post near you very soon.

Second, they are unexpectedly going to entered into the Nerd Wars. One of the categories this round is about villains. “Bored Now” is a quote from Willow in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Usually a good character and a part of the Scoobie Gang, Willow goes a little off her rocker when her lover is accidentally murdered and turns to black magic as a way of seeking revenge. She proceeds to be “The Big Bad” for the remainder of the season. “Bored now” escapes her lips right before she magically skins another person alive. I think that qualifies as villainous.

And finally, they are the first officially cast on non-WIP from my Year of Projects list.
So there you have it. One little pair of socks are carry lots of weight on their teeny tiny stitches. I really hope to show them off very, very, soon.


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