Yarn U in Review

Last weekend I was contacted via Ravelry by MaryBethKlatt and she asked me if I would be interested in reviewing her new iPhone app.  I was surprised (and flattered) and then became a little nervous.  What if I agreed to review it, and then didn’t like it?  Let’s be honest, it’s not uncommon to download an app thinking it will be great and helpful and then it turns out to be not so useful after all.  I can think of at least three or four knitting apps that have had that fate on my phone. So with just the tiniest bit of hesitiation I agreed to review her app without even knowing what it was called.

It turns out the name of the app is Yarn U and I shouldn’t have been nervous.  I am pleased to give it two knitting needles up!  Having this on your phone is like have a yarn dictionary quite literally at your fingertips.  With a maximum of 500 yarns in the app and an evolving list, it is likely that you will find at least one yarn that you are interested in using in here.  I have been informed that the list will be updated regularly with more yarns being added and discontinued yarns being removed, so the list should remain fairly current. Each yarn entry has a small description of the yarn, pros & cons, and the information that I think is most useful:  the yardage, stitch gauge, yarn weight, and fibre content.  There are also photos of  finished objects that use the yarn so you have an idea of how the yarn knits up.  The comments sections allows people to post pattern links and add their own input regarding yarns that are in the list.

Almost as important as the versatility of the app is the ease of use.  This app is very simple to navigate around.  Once you find what you are looking for the content is clear and concise and within a few seconds you have all the information that you need.  While I certainly can’t speak for everyone who reads this, I can tell you that I really enjoy Yarn U.  The work that has been put into it is apparent and I am very happy to have it and keep it on my phone.



2 responses to “Yarn U in Review

  • Vanessa

    I’m a little confused, what does it do exactly? How is it different from Ravelry?

    • Keri

      Think of this as a flip book. You open it and the pages are all there and easy to see. If Rav is the entire dictionary, Yarn U is the cliff notes. I find it easier to use on my phone. Though I do use Rav on my phone too. Overall, it’s a handy tool to add to my knitting app folder.

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