FO Friday Hat edition

A few months back myself, my husband, and one of our friends were standing around waiting for one of my favorite restaurants, The Black Hoof, to open for dinner. It’s in very up and coming Hipster infested neighbourhood and as we were standing around one of us came out with “look at all the hungry hungry hipsters.” It was immediately decided that “hungry hungry hipsters” would make a great yarn name and I twittered my friend Indigodragonfly while we were still standing around. The two of us virtually tossed the idea around for a while and while the three of us were having dinner I sort of forgot about the whole thing until the next time we were at the Hoof again waiting to get in.
Jump ahead a few months and I’m having a bad day. A real bad day. The kind of bad that manages to creep into every part if your psyche and makes you hate the world and everything in it. To say I was unhappy would not do days when I am unhappy justice. I slapped something up on twitter about it and Indigodragonfly sent me to the spoiler thread for the June club pack. So because it’s Kim I listened and checked the thread.
The package included two beautiful yarns in a yak bamboo combo and combined they make the hipster hat. I chuckled and thought of the name again and was in a better mood than when I started reading the post.
A few more days went by and then June package was in my hands to love and fondle. And then I read the colour story and name. And guess what, she named it Hungry Hungry Hipsters and said it came from her loyal minion Keri. (that’s me!!!!) Really, you would have thought I had just won the lottery. It actually made me squee all over the house for a couple of minutes.
So of course it had to be cast on immediately. And in a very short time my Hipster Hat appeared. The yarn is wonderful to knit with and the final product is both versatile and unisex.


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