I Was Hoping For A Victory

So today I was hoping to be able to share a great victory with you.  I thought I was going to be showing everyone my first fully completed spinning project.  I had visions of finishing the last of my plying, sending all three skeins into a lovely soapy bath, hanging them to dry and glisten in the sun and then photographing them and sharing them with you.  I thought of how proud I would be to thrust slightly damp wool into my husband’s hand when he came home while saying “look what I did today!”.  I was going to show them to our friends who are coming up later today.  One is a knitter and the other is a recipient of many knitted goods from me so they would be at least a little impressed.  I had even thought of showing them to people in the courtyard of our building, and tracking down the handyman who was shocked and just about brought to tears at the site of a spinning wheel in my living room (we’re pretty sure it reminds him of his Grandmother’s place in the old country).  That was my plan.  It was a good plan and a sound plan and a plan I was so very, very excited about.
When I sat down at the Ashford yesterday morning this is what I had left to ply.  That’s it.  Just this.

Not sure how I ended up with such uneven bobbins.

I got myself arranged.  Coffee on one side, bobbins on the other.  Slipped my bare feet onto the treadles.  The wood was smooth and cool and welcoming.  I pushed down with my left foot to start the first rotation that would allow my well laid plan to come to fruition and… snapped the drive belt.  Yup, that’s what I did.  And so now I still have this left to ply, 

and my husband will fashion me another makeshift drive belt while I await the arrival of a proper one.  So alas, there is no victory today, just mild disappointment and a second project on my little Victoria that will get some love (and hopefully be finished without any major problems) and I have hope that one day soon there will be a finished spinning project to share with you.


3 responses to “I Was Hoping For A Victory

  • Kim

    OH! How disappointing. I admire all you spinners and dyers–that is a part of yarn and fiber arts I know nothing about and don’t see an education of it any time soon in my future! I am a city girl and like to just hop on down to the yarn store and buy my yarn all ready to go. It seems a bit less risky that way! 😉
    Hope to see your wonderful project soon–and yay for a husband who can fix you up until the official part arrives!

  • Suzie

    Before you get your new drive belt, you can make one with cotton twine. Really easy and works as well as the other — just doesn’t last as long. That is what was used on wheels of old and it worked.

  • Tonya

    Oh hugs. I loved your post. Keri is right, you write extremely well.

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