Success & Temptation

Success: “an event that accomplishes its intended purpose.”

Temptation: “the desire to have or do something you know you should avoid.”

In the world of fibre arts I am going to plead that success is not possible without temptation. The fibre artist becomes distracted, drawn away from the current project to heed the siren call of something new. Maybe it’s a new yarn whose colours or textures are so seductive that the artist finds it impossible to resist. It’s so pleasing to the senses that leaving the yarn on the shelf in the store would actually be painful. Maybe it’s a new design that comes across your hands and you think “I must do this. Without it my life will feel hollow and empty.  This pattern will give me all the answers to Life, the Universe, and Everything.” (Okay, maybe going a little over the top there, but I know other fibre people get it.) Sometimes you look at something and realize it’s perfect for your spouse or mother or friend, and that knitting it cannot possibly wait until you finish your current project. Whatever the reason (at least if you’re me), it’s enough to have you fling your current projects aside with gleeful abandon and run willingly into the open arms of temptation.  I firmly believe all successes in the journey down the woolen road start here. That’s at least my story and I’m sticking to it.

First the success. My father’s Urbana is finished and blocking.

Check back on Friday for more photos

It’s my first official Year of Projects success story. Cast on and finished this month. With any luck it will be shipped off on time to arrive in his hands for Christmas. Unfortunately it didn’t use up as much of the yarn as I thought it would, which means I have to find a way to use up yarn that I wasn’t planning to still have.  And here we have discovered another reason for temptation, which is necessity.  I’ve already decided to make a matching pair of flop top mitts (which are on my Year of Projects list), but now there will also have to be a hat (which is not).  I’ve found a hat I like.  Unsurprisingly it’s another Stephen West pattern. Windschief will accompany the rest of the gift. It not a huge diversion, merely a soupçon of temptation. Something to wet my lips with while cheating every so slightly on my List. And if things had stopped there all would be well. My little diversion would be enough and things would be continuing smoothly. But where would the fun be if things stopped there?

While poking around for a hat pattern I came across this.

I ask you, how is a little knitter like me supposed to resist the incredibly magnetic energy of a Stephen West KAL? It’s simply not possible. (If the man ever starts designing socks I will be lost to the world.  But I will have warm feet.)  I have a love affair with the man’s designs.  I knit my first pattern of his in February.  Since then I have  made 2 Boneyards, 2 Ubanas, I’m finishing a Clockwork, casting on Windscheif later today, and have everything I need for a Herbivore and a Flamboyen.  I had yarn for the last one custom dyed by IndigoDragonFly.  I feel like I should be in the middle of a circle of knitters saying “Hi my Name is Keri, and I have a problem.  I’m a Stephen West addict.”

So there it is.  Temptation is its truest and nastiest form.  It puts too many things I really like into one space and I am not strong enough to resist.  The good news is that it doesn’t start until August 1st.  That’s lots of time to have a few more successes before the next temptation rears it’s soft, pretty, inviting head.  I will be strong for the next two weeks and then all bets are off, at least until the KAL is finished.


18 responses to “Success & Temptation

  • sandy

    I sooooooooooooo agree, and that’s why I’m contemplating running to the store even though I have wayyyyyyy more yarn on hand then the average person. I’m still clueless though on what your father’s Urbana is? It’s awesome color, but you’ve referred to it multiple times on your blog and I keep asking what it is, and still am curious. When you pop over for a visit, be sure and tell me.

  • sandy

    I scrolled back through your blog, thinking maybe you answered in a comment, and though I know I’ve left multiple comments, none seem to be here? Curious.

  • Blueberry Tea

    Love the herbivore and flamboyan. Totally agree about temptation. It’s so hard keeping to the list without adding more. At times I just have to grit my teeth and close my eyes count to whatever till the urge goes away to add or start something else.x

  • sandy

    Thanks Keri for the follow up, appreciate it. You know sometimes weird things happen with regard to comments. Appreciate the info on the pattern.

  • Kim

    I get what you are saying–although I don’t have a large stash and am constrained by finances to enlarge it too much. I usually don’t buy yarn until I have a project ready to go, or at the very least in mind for it. Sometimes leaving the store with just what I need–usually just needles or yarn for a specific project, leaving that temptation yarn on the shelf is painful!
    Yay you for finishing the Urbana–and frankly, I think that like you, projects will get added to my list also! In fact one already has–it is a West knit too,his Little Colonnades!

  • Christine


    I have so much to do but I’ve also signed up for the Stephen West KAL & have ordered yarn for it. August 1 is months away, right?

  • rugbymad

    I’m not a shawl wearing gal, but can’t wait to see your WIPW’s and FO Friday, that just seems a long time away!

    I have many things I should stand up and admit I’m an addict, at the moment, it’s flat ironing my hair! I know insane, but I can spend hours doing it in the morning! Crazy, yes I know and I’m seeking help from my boys! LOL

  • Alittlebitsheepish

    Congratulations on your first success, and the KAL looks like a lot of fun so I should not worry about it, in fact breaking the rules a little is always fun 😀

  • Ruth

    Love your finish and well done on your first complete, new yarn is always a temptation 😀

  • MindingMyOwnStitches

    I don’t think you have to be monogamous to your year of project goals; after all, if it was too constricting it wouldn’t be fun! Sign yourself up!

  • babygreens

    So funny! Perhaps he will do socks, one day… I have my first ever Stephen West project queues for YOP.

  • Lily Razz

    Oh how I love the titel of your post! “Succes & Temptation”. I have so many projects tempting me since the day I set up my list!

    I wouldn’t worry about your love-relationship with Mr. West’s designs, didn’t it give you lots and lots of pretty FO’s?

    I’m coming back on Friday for more pictures! 😀

  • Sarah - Crafts From The Cwtch

    And now you have shown me the KAL and led me into temptation too! 🙂

    Great post!

  • Tonya

    Regarding your question in my site… I’m fairly certain it was colour 229 and I think you have it.

  • poisonparty

    I really want to make Flamboyen too, post pictures!

  • Annie

    Can’t wait to see your shawl finished blocking!

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