Is it really that far down? Or it seemed like a good idea at the time

Earlier today I was poking around on Ravelry, as us fibre folks are wont to do, and on someone’s project page I came across this picture.

“My, those are cute sheep!” I thought  to myself. They are  inviting, and create the illusion that there is something soft and wooly and cuddly behind them. They’re even knitting. In my experience knitters are nice cuddly people even if we walk around with pointy sticks. (I’m not sure how nice I am before caffeine with or without pointy sticks. But that’s a whole other story.)

So I click on it.  (Really how bad and dangerous to my ever frail knitting sanity can anything on the other side of those wee little knitting sheep be?)  And what I find is a curious project page that really explains very little but does provide me with a helpful link to this group. (Just before clicking I’m pretty sure that I heard someone say “we’ve got cookies,” or maybe that was just the kids in the courtyard again.) And for a brief moment I think “jackpot!” a group that’s running at the same time as the Year of Projects and is about knitting socks. Yes please, sign me up. So I did. Though I did have a moment of (unusual) stunning realism when it comes to my knitting abilities.  I refrained from attempting the 52 pairs challenge and happily settled on the 26 pairs. I will  bow down to anyone who can make 52 pairs of socks in a year. I would never be able to knit that many socks in a year (that’s 104 just to put it in perspective) without quitting my job, reducing my sleep time to 4 hours a night, eating one meal a day, and no longer cooking, cleaning, or doing anything else that keeps my husband happy, married to me, and tolerant of my fibre habit.

So first I checked my YOP list. 11 pairs of socks already slated for this year and WIPS count too so that puts me somewhere around the 14 mark. 14 out of 26 already accounted for! I’m practically finished before I even start!  With that kind of head start how could I say no?  I kindly request that you do not point out that still leaves me 12 pairs to fit in. I am aware of that. I’m just choosing to ignore that detail at the moment.
How hard can fitting in an extra 12 pairs of socks be?  It seemed like a good idea this morning.

(If you want to join in go over here. Sign ups close July 24th).


8 responses to “Is it really that far down? Or it seemed like a good idea at the time

  • Kim

    Okay then….I just need to say that your writing always makes me laugh out loud? Oh, and I am not one to mock you because I am only too aware that my own yop list is way too big for my knitting capability! We can be insane together.

  • BlueberryTea

    Lol have to agree with Kim. I started laughing when I read this post. Then I clicked the link for the group and noted your Ravatar. Right at the top of the new members list. If you even think you can knit 12 pairs of socks a year I think you deserve a round of applause. Let alone 26 well …. Looking forward to seeing your progress.x

  • Tink

    Of course it’s a little bit crazy, but if we weren’t just a little bit crazy, we wouldn’t have written ourselves impossibly huge lists for the year of projects in the first place! At least you’ve got plenty of crossover, as you already had socks on your list. And hey, if you do them two-at-a-time, they’ll be done really quickly!

  • Tonya

    I love that you are going to do that. I think I will place it in the #knittingvivariouslythroughothers category. Now twelve lace shawls in a year would get me trouble. (particularly since it usually takes me a year to knit one)

  • Vanessa

    Jinkies! That’s a lot of socks! Good luck 🙂

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  • Sara

    I’m not even gonna look. I couldn’t even manage 26 pairs. I bow to you! 🙂

  • AC

    If a person can make 52 pairs of socks in a year, that person needs to get a job. Possibly one knitting socks.

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