WIP Wednesdays – My Gallery of the Absurd

Synonyms for Absurdity  as presented by thesuarus.com: Applesauce, craziness, flapdoodle, folly, foolishness, hot air, idiocy, illogicality, illogicalness, improbability, inanity, insanity, irrationality, ludicrousness, ridiculousness, senselessness, unreasonableness

Antonyms: logic, reason, reasonableness, sense

I think it’s pretty safe to speculate about what side of that fence I am on this week.  (Okay, most weeks, but this week is exceptional even for me.) For those of you who really aren’t sure what I’m talking about take a quick peek at this post from Monday and it will give you all the gritty details.  I think we can be honest in saying that my descent down the dark fibrous tunnel started when I made my Year of Projects list and then was added to when I found the Stephen West KAL and is now (hopefully) complete with my discovery of the 26 pair plunge.  (I’m counting on a soft landing, preferably in a pile of cashmere, at the end.)  In fact, as I type this, the lyrics to Ozzy’s “Crazy Train” are thundering through my head and will probably stay there for quite some time.  You know, for the duration of my knitting life.   Anyway, since this week has become all about socks for me, I thought I’d spread the crazy around a little for all of you and show you my sock WIPS.  ‘Cause crazy is so much more fun with friends!  (Oh, and as my own little aside, I realized that a sock group will have Cookies.  Haha!)

First on the list are these Rattlesnake Creek Socks by Anne Podlesak.

Cast one in 2009 they got delegated to the naughty projects pile because I am convinced that there is something wrong with them.  I have a firm belief that if leave them alone long enough the knitting elves will magically appear in my closet and finish them for me.  The Yarn is Tanis and it is truly scrumptiuos.  These are on the YOP list.

Next is Kai-me by Cookie A (See!  There are Cookies.)

These were cast on in February and I love the colourway.  The yarn is Koigu and my second favourite sock yarn to knit with.  I need help with a tricky bit on these socks, but then they will be back on track and ready to be finished sometime soon. That’s the theory anyway.

Here is the Manly Socks by Hannah Six.  

These are wrong.  Somehow they ended up way to freaking big for anyone I know let alone my husband.  Maybe a giant or a man with freakishly oversized feet.  But not my husband.   There needs to be some ripping back and reworking of these.  I don’t remember what the yarn is.  It’s been that long.    

Moving on we find Falling Leaves.  

 Cast on this year and my first attempt at toe up.  Know what I discovered?  I really hate toe up construction, a lot.  As I’ve said before, it’s not the pattern.  The pattern is fine.  I just don’t like the construction.  This is more Koigu and I have to stop being such a wimp and just finish them.

The newest additions to the mess are Fishbone Gansey and Flaming Desire both by Anne Hansen and both using Indigodragonfly sock yarn.  Also Duckies, but not in Indigodragonfly or made by Anne Hansen.  These are all new and have just as much of a chance of being ignored as all the rest of them.


Flaming Desire


So that’s seven pairs of socks.  Seven.  If I finish all those that will be a few YOPS out of the way and I will only have 18 pairs left from the 26 pair plunge.  Told you I had a good start on this!!!!!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and try to get that earworm out of my head.

 “I’m going off the rails on a crazy train

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