FO Friday – Urbana

My dad is a simple guy as I think most dads are. So anything I knit for him has to be pretty simple. With that in mind, I present his finished Urbana. (I was hoping to get some great pictures of my husband modeling it, but we’ve been having a killer heat wave here for about a week. Yesterday it was 120 degrees when you factor in the humidex. Not only can I not make him wear a scarf I actually can’t even be witty right now as I’m pretty sure my brain is turning to mush as I sit in my AC. Us Canadians really aren’t used to this heat. 20 below and a raging blizzard I can deal with. Having sweaty eyelids is a little much.) But, here is the scarf.  (Just for the record a freak one day blizzard would actually be a welcome event right now. )  For more great fibre creations check out Tami’s, Creative Fridays, and Fibre Fridays.


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