Home from Cuba

We are home from our little adventure!  While there was very little knitting on my trip (really only while in the airport and on the 3 1/2 hour flight to Holguin), I thought that I would share some very pretty pictures with you anyway.  My hubby and I spent a week in the Pesquero Province in Cuba.  It’s one of the newest tourist areas in the country and well worth a visit.    We were about seven hours away from Havana, 50 minutes away from Holguin city, and 20 minutes or so away from Guardalavaca.  Unlike other tropical destinations, it is safe to be off your resort either on your own or with a group and we did a little of both, and even ended up sitting with a local in what passes as a “bar” drinking beer and talking.  The food in our resort was also really good, which is apparently unusual for Cuba.  The one thing I did miss was salad.  Apparently lettuce is hard to find in Cuba.  Anyway, here are a few pictures from our trip.

The swim up bar is just out of view and Julio was a great bartender.  The nice part is that it’s the low season in Cuba so you never had to worry about reserving a spot or the pool getting too crowded.

We spent a whole lot of time here

When we pulled ourselves out of the resort we did manage to spend some time in the cities and the country side.  We lived up to the tourist expectation and visited a cigar factory. Sadly, cameras are not allowed inside and we had to leave those on our tour bus.

Holguin town square

Gibarra lookout. It was stunning!

We had a lovely maid who left us really cute towel art everyday in addition to cleaning our room.

Our towel art changed every day

This is one of the feral kitties that roamed the resort, (there was also a peacock, a few roosters, and many lizards.)  It’s a huge resort on 47 acres so it’s not like the place was overrun with animals!  This little guy had it good with me as I shared a lot of my salmon with him during one supper. All the common buildings have no walls in order to take advantage of the ocean breezes.  The smart kitties roam around the borders of the restaurants waiting for someone to give in to their cuteness and feed them.  I am a sucker, he got fed.  I only saw him during one meal, but that didn’t stop me from naming him Santiago.

Even my Husband feed him! Santiago was just that cute.

And of course being in Cuba there was rum.  Lots of it.  The Mojitos are the best.

Sooooooooo good. Sooooooo dangerous.

As you can see it was a taxing week wrought with peril and gloom.

I really suffered a lot last week. Sometime around this photo being taken we were trying to figure out if we could add another week to our trip. Sadly the real world wouldn't let us 😦

If you’re considering traveling to Cuba and want more info drop me a message and I’d be happy to chat more.  Otherwise, back to the knitting updates tomorrow.  My first “clue” from the Stephen West KAL is waiting for me and I have finished a pair of socks!


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