The mystery begins to unfold

So this week we received out first clue from the mystery KAL from Stephen West. And while my excitement hasn’t waned at all I have to admit that this is as far as I have gotten.

Yup, the yarn is out of the closet. Today it may even be tossed onto the swift and wound into balls. I think my brain is still in vacation land and I am just a tiny bit resentful of the fact that I have to do all the prep work myself. I had considered asking my husband to do it for me, but I would have had to use my whiny “I could be doing this myself but just really don’t want too Please continue to allow me to be a pretty wool covered lump on the end of the sofa” voice & since he’s still in vacation land too I think he may have been outright bitter about the request. So I didn’t and the wool elves refused to come out of my stash and do it for me. (I really think they are in co-hoots with the kitchen elves. I tell you both elf locals must be on extended strike.)
So really I’m rambling about being lazy, not about knitting which is really not how I anticipated the first KAL update to go. Though I won’t be able to post pictures of my work until the whole thing is finished, I was hoping to have something a little more enticing and interesting that this. Next week i will undoubtedly and poetically ramble on about the beauty of the shawl and how the mystery is unfolding into a wooly silky piece of Stephen West goodness. But for now, I must go put on a pot of coffee and maybe while I’m fortifying myself against the day the elves will resolve their labour dispute and wind the yarn for me.


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