WIP Wednesdays RattleSnake Creek

A few blog posts ago, I received a lot of encouragement from people to get back to my Rattlesnake  Creek socks.  Even my husband made a comment about how much he liked them.  In reality I really liked them too, but quite some time ago they had been tossed in the naughty basket due to my strong suspicion that there was something very wrong with them.  It was very early in my sock making attempts when I cast these on and I still didn’t really have a solid concept in my head about how sock construction works.  To further complicate the issue, I knit Magic Loop for all my socks as it is the only method of sock knitting that doesn’t make me want to stick the needles into my own eyes to escape the suffering.  (Did you know that if you throw a sock that is being knit on DPN’s across the room they will bounce?)  Unfortunately, many sock patterns are not written for Magic Loop knitters, so you have to mentally adjust the written pattern on the fly to accommodate the style.  Not so easy to do in the beginning.

But there they were, out of the naughty basket and in my hands once again.  With merely a moment of inspection it was revealed that yes, there was something wrong with them.  Somehow I had made the heel turn about half as large as it needed to be.  I have no idea how I did that, but I quickly frogged the turn and reknit it and just like that the problem was fixed.  I picked up my gusset stitches to start working further down the sock and that when I discovered this little problem.

My best guess is that I reversed the direction of the cable.  For one very brief nano second I considered ripping it back to fix it.  But, as the thought of ripping anything back often does, it left my head as quickly as it entered and I decided to live with it.  I hate frogging my work back and as my BFF and knitting guru taught me:  “There are no mistakes,  it’s a designer feature.”  I also thought about dropping just those stitches and reworking the cable, but since these socks are just for me that seemed like way too much work.  The wonky cable is now part of the sock and that suits me just fine.

So the sock continued.  All was  well and the first half  of the chart repeat was complete, the decreases were almost finished and while the sock is a little snug, (the pattern did mention this might happen, but I was  a young sock knitter and apparently ignored the advice to start the sock on a slightly larger needle size,) everything was going swimmingly.  Then came the part in the pattern repeats where the cables shift from the area that they are being worked in and reappear in a new section.  This is where a new and stunningly glorious problem emerged.  My husband had left the room for a moment but came back in to make sure that everything was okay since apparently the “very loud sigh” that escaped my lips could be heard in the other room.  I was sitting on my sofa staring at the sock with a cable needle sticking out of my mouth and answered with “uh huh.”  It was the kind of “uh huh” that really doesn’t mean “uh huh” it really means that I am on the verge of a rather impress temper tantrum and possible homicidal rage and that I am actually incredibly mad and may even have developed a tic in one of my eyes because of it all and no it’s really not okay at all but I can’t explain exactly what is wrong and even if I could it would just be too much damn work kind of  “uh huh.” He looked at me  for a second and then very compassionately said “your knitting  is misbehaving, isn’t it?”  To which I answered “uh huh” again but this is a far sadder and more of  a resigned “uh huh” than an angry one.  He then said “I fear for its safety.”  To which I emphatically reply “uh huh” and we both sort of chuckled a little and then because my husband is smart he wandered over to the computer to read blogs or play games or something while I  figured out how to deal with the mess or put the whole thing down in disgust, but he knows  not to offer advice one way or the other.  I did at this point take the cable needle out of my mouth long enough to state “it’s amazing how many magical ways I’ve managed to mess this sock up.”  (Except I didn’t used the word “mess.”  The word I used was far less ladylike, and probably not the first one that comes to your mind either.)

But, my knitterly friends, there is a happy ending to all this.  It took me a little while to figure out exactly what had gone wrong, but I did figure it out.  When I divided for the heel flap all those many moons ago I divided then in the wrong place and thus caused the pattern repeats on the foot to start on the wrong stitch.  I didn’t notice until the time to shift the pattern because I have been following the knits and purls as they appear on the sock and since everything lined up with where the sides of the foot needed to be it was easy to miss.  Not only that, but with a little more thought I was able to figure out how to keep going without having to rip any thing back. (I did tell you that I hate ripping things out.)   To get the pattern to continue in the correct way I have to start this section of the repeats on the 5th stitch and end in the middle of the section.  But, it’s all good and it will work and it will be finished soon.  Hopefully the second one will go a little more smoothly and thanks for all the encouragement.  Without it they’d still be in the naughty knitting basket.


13 responses to “WIP Wednesdays RattleSnake Creek

  • Calophi

    Oh man. I probably would have just ripped it out and let it sit for a month before picking it up again. There’s no way I could have lived with my wonky cable. You’re a stronger woman than I!

  • savethestationery

    Good job on keeping at it. I hope all the misbehaving is done and you can knit on with out sighing or throwing anything. They look lovely; I adore the colour.

  • RugbyMad

    You are hysterical. I can totally relate to your need to not frog. And my Hubbie is so the same! I never knew that it would bounce if I threw dpns! Might have to cast on a pair of socks just to see that!

    Thanks for the laughs!

  • Kathleen

    Oh man, I’m sorry those socks are such troublemakers, because they’re gorgeous. Wonky or not, those cables are like music for my eyes. I’m glad that you’ve gotten to a point where you feel like you’ve conquered the pattern and past mistakes and it’s all going to be okay!

  • wypad

    Boy, I thought *I* had a problem with socks! Of course, *I* have problems following the directions and knitting them the way in which I am accustomed, so there’s no excuse for the problems *I* have.
    If I’d attempted what you had, it would have been disastrous and I’d have been doing more than just “UH-HUH”ing.

    I’m glad you didn’t give up, though — and personally, I really REALLY like what happened with the cabling.

  • Karen

    Sometimes you have to work very hard to get your yarn to behave;) The sock looks great and I really hope the rest moves along smoothly.

  • geeky Heather

    ROTFL!!!! I loved your epic sock tale and I’m so glad it has a happy (almost) ending. You sound just like me with the “uh-huhs”…please don’t talk to me while I’m trying to fix the wonky sock!!!

    I love love love the yarn you’re using. And the pattern is great. And now you’ve learned so much! One suggestion…write everything down, now, before you put the sock down and a day turns into a week or a month and you forget you’re supposed to start the repeat in the middle of the round or whatever. =)

  • Vivianne

    Socks on DPNs are not the only things that bounce LOL ask me how I know 🙂

  • Emma

    It’s looking great! I don’t think the error is very noticeable… I can’t wait to see it finished.

  • Kerryellen Willard

    I have a pair of socks that have a similar story. I’m currently waiting for new yarn to arrive so I can restart the pattern in different colors because I’m getting sick of staring at the other colors and know I’d throw them out the window if I attempted again right away.

  • Kim

    LOL! 🙂 What a great sock tale. I saw dpn being used for the first time up close last night with my friend, and I am thinking not for me! My shawl landed in the naughty basket–or what was left after frogging it back to nearly the beginning this afternoon. But I am getting ready to go retrieve it and start all over again. Boo Hoo…

  • Shateen

    you crack me up. way to go!!

  • Mujercita

    Wow, that sock sounds super-frustrating, but it’s looking so pretty!

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