YOP Update August 7th

The Year of Projects has been going on for over a month now and I have finished three of my projects and have added two. I guess that means I’m still one step ahead of where I was in the end of June.

Finished Projects:

Stephen West Mystery KAL

I think what’s way more important about this post is that I’ve figured out (with the help of my very patient DH) how to add the Mr. Linky. I am way more interested in making sure this works than in typing a long entry. So, add your Sunday YOP updates here! Pleases remember to add the link to your newest entry and not your home page. I hope this works.

Okay. So it’s not 100% right. Click through the link and you will still see the other posts. Β They are there and it works the same. The links are not showing up here. Sorry, still working out the bugs. But, I think I know how to fix it and will hopefully have it right next week.


8 responses to “YOP Update August 7th

  • babygreens

    Congrats on your finished projects! I will do a Clockwork one day.

    I’ve added a link but it seems to be waiting on “Please leave a comment after linking… Thank you!
    Caching system in use… links may take a minute to post”.

  • Cris

    Looks like you are making progress… as long as your steps back are less than your steps forward πŸ™‚ I am adding things all the time *sigh* OH WELL! Progress is progress πŸ™‚

  • RugbyMad

    YIPPEE for Mr Linky, Am positive you will get it sorted soon and then HOORAY!!! Congratulations on getting 3 items done. I know what you feel like, every week my list grows. I am however determined to not let it get out of control or I won’t achieve it and that won’t do.

  • wypad

    Hey, I’d still consider you making good progress — and anything you add over the course of the year is extra, or bonus. πŸ™‚
    I’m glad we got the Mr. Linky going — just too bad you can’t get it inline with your posts. Is it a wordpress deal?

  • Kepanie

    I am so envious that you have three FOs already. I feel so behind everyone else. I guess I need to take that knitting out more.

  • sandy

    You’re doing well with getting things off your list to the done list….seems my list continues to be big and grow a bit (found something I hadn’t added in the first place.)

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