This is Your Brain in an Indie Dyer’s House

I love spending time with other knitters. It’s especially nice when one of the other knitters lives 3 hours outside the city and happens to be an Indie Dyer. Being in the house of an Indie Dyer is like being in Candy Land for knitters. Instead of candy canes and lollipops there are drying racks filled with slightly damp, freshly dyed yarn glistening in the sunlight, just waiting to be cannibalized by the knitting world.  It’s kind of a treat to see the yarn you’re going to take home with you in that state.


I really didn't think it could get much prettier than this


And then I got closer

So with that in mind I’d like to send out  a big Thank You to Kim (a.k.a Indigodragonfly), and her partner in crime Ron for putting myself and my BFF and cute Little J up for a few days of hiding from the city and knitting.

First they let us take skeins off the rack and play with them.  I considered wrapping one around my head like a crown and doing a little dance around the deck (all to amuse the baby of course), but then thought better of it as I really don’t like the feel of wet wool and can’t imagine that it being on my head would be the best feeling.  And then they let us take over a big chunk of the living room and the entire second bedroom for a few days.


I'm not convinced she needed me to amuse her

There was food, a few episodes of the BBC show Being Human, lots of knitting, and craft talk.   I asked lots of questions about the whole dyeing process and my hat goes off to all you indie dyers out there, ’cause man is it a lot of work.  We talked bases and colours and overdying.  We talked pattern creation and I got a  line on a technical pattern editor which could be handy very soon. We ate a little more and knit a little more and talked a little more.  It was a wonderful way to spend a couple of days.

I finally got to meet Otis, the “official” mascot of IndigoDragonFly. He enjoys being helpful in whatever way he can.


Otis helping me knit


Otis checking on the spinning


Otis making sure my feet stayed warm

We also had a little trip into the Art Hive, (okay maybe two trips,) and were able to see things by other local artists. It’s a great little place.


It's not knitting related!

I showed amazing restraint and only came home with three skeins of yarn


"Whose a guy gotta kill to get a drink around here?" (Angelus) & "Grrrr....Argh" (Both Buffy references)


This one jumped into my bag at the last second screaming "take me too." And since it is "I can kill you with my mind" I figured I'd better listen. (This one's a Firefly reference.)

and two bags


One Kobo case and one project bag

and these eyes which are going to go on my first minion for the army I want to knit.


I see you!!

Really, this is just my long-winded rambling way to say thanks again for letting us visit!  I hope we can do it again!


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