FO Fridays – Duckies

Socks seem to take me longer than any other project to finish.  My knitting brain seems to think that I am much, much faster then I am.  I wish I was faster at knitting socks ’cause my stash would be way more under control and I’d have more pairs of really nice knitted socks to pick from.   Regardless of all that, I present to you a finished pair of Duckies.
I have to admit that I am not super in love with them.  I am not fond of  the yarn/pattern pairing.  It was a little disappointing in that way that makes you shake your head and think “that should have been way better than it was.”   I hate yarns that overpower the pattern and unfortunately this combo showcases neither the yarn or the pattern.  I had no idea that the yarn was self-striping when I started knitting with it and had thought it was going to be more of a variegated colourway.
But they fit and they are just for me anyway, so it’s not really the end of the world.  And it’ll be a frosty day in hell that I rip these back just because I’m not overly pleased with the final product.  They are socks, they fit, and they are finished.  This pleases me enough!
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26 pair plunge: 1/26

Pattern: Duckies

Yarn: Yummy superwash sport 


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