Knitting Should Come With a Warning Label

Knitting is a slippery slope. I know that other knitters agree with me. The first time you pick up needles and yarn you don’t really realize just how much trouble you’ve actually gotten yourself into. You’re so busy just trying to figure out how to cast on without bursting into tears or pitching the whole thing across the room that you’re not able to comprehend what’s really going to happen to you and your life if you actually become a knitter.

First there’s the loss of space due to stash acquisitions. I keep trying to control the stash and clearly that keeps not working. Then you start thinking about what else you want to knit, so you start acquiring books and patterns. By this time maybe you’ve already found Ravelry and then you have an online, non-physical-space-sucking way to acquire more patterns. Somewhere along they way I hope you’ve discovered a LYS and met some other knitters and have started to develop a community around you. And for some people this would be enough and they will happily spend their entire knitting career doing just these things and that’s awesome. It’s a wonderful and happy place to be.

Unfortunately, that is not the path my knitting life has taken. I teach, and I spin, and I do work for Knitty, and I’ve started blogging (that last one was really a shock), and now I want to design. Sigh. (I think this means that my indoctrination into the knitting world is complete, short of moving to the country and becoming an alpaca/sheep farmer.)

So here it is, the yarn that is going to be my first real design.

It’s going to be a baby cardi and when it’s done and ready I’ll put it up here. It could take a while as this is the first thing bigger than a dishcloth that I have tried to transfer from my brain to paper. (Anyone have some tips on ways to make that easier?)

If someone had told me way back in 2004 that picking up needles would lead to this level of involvement in my life at any point, I would have told them they were crazy. I mean really “It’s only knitting, it’s not a lifestyle”. I may have said that once a long time ago, before I even started knitting. So now I’m eating my words, ’cause it is a lifestyle. A soft, cushy, colourful lifestyle that has saturated my life. That being said, I still haven’t worked out how to knit while on the treadmill. I am forever disappointed by that.


7 responses to “Knitting Should Come With a Warning Label

  • justdawne

    LOL! Why do I have the feeling many people will understand this post all too well? Good luck with the baby cardi.

  • northernnarratives

    So many of us knitters with the same story! Judy

  • wypad

    I have a similar story, though I’m following a slightly different path. (I can’t see myself ever designing but I dye and I started spinning. . . And my community is almost exclusively online at this point.) But I’m with you about how as you’re learning, you have NO idea what great adventure you’re about to embark on.

    I look back on the days of frustration and tears, on “what am I supposed to do again?!” and “WHERE does the needle go?” and “WHY doesn’t my swatch look like that?!” and think of that decision to learn as one of the best decisions I’ve made in recent years.

    Anyway, I wanted to wish you luck in getting that pattern written!! 😀

  • Tink

    Oh I hear you! The same thing is happening to me. I’ve found myself designing a MASSIVE interstartia crochet afghan. It’s going to be ages before I’m done with it!

  • Kim

    You make me laugh! I think most of us will surely agree with you too. Looking forward to seeing you design.

  • babygreens

    I hear ya! Up until February of this year, I could have stopped any time I wanted. Then I finally finished Small Girl’s Christening celebration blanket (just two years after her Christening), and thought “Wouldn’t it be nice to learn to crochet again?” Which of course led me back into knitting. I honestly don’t think I could stop now, even if I wanted to.

    Looking forward to seeing your design!

  • Knitting Nedjmi

    What a relief that I am not alone. I think about knitting and crocheting constantly. I have lot’s of friends and family and wasn’t looking for more and now I blog and tweet and found a whole new “family” of people that understand me. I know exactly where you are!

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