And the Universe Listened

My husband’s Nan is a wonderful woman.  I love her like she’s my own Grandmother and she does her very best to encourage my knitting habit.  She herself is still a very active artist well into her 80’s and is a huge supporter of all handmade things.  She also has a very firm belief that if you “put your thoughts out there, the Universe will hear you and provide you with what you need.” Just to clarify, she doesn’t believe that things will magically fall into your lap, but that you will be given the opportunities you need to achieve your goals.  And she may be right.

For months I have been saying that I need to organize my stash.  I’ve decided that the way that I have all my yarn stuffed into whatever free space is available in the part of the closet dedicated to my yarn is really disgraceful.  It’s gotten to the point where having to get anything out of the closet stash is really an Odyssey worthy of Homer and something I generally try not to do when I’m home alone for fear of being lost for hours without food or water under the yarnalanche that threatens to happen at any given moment.  It’s not even that I have that much yarn it’s just that the organization of said stash stopped at some point and I just started tossing things in the closet to keep the living room organized.  I keep saying how much I have to organize it and I just haven’t done it yet.  I know that dragging all of it out of the closet, sorting and organizing, and then putting back is going to take up a fair bit of my time.  While I love spending time with my yarn, this is really not the way that I want to do it and I’ve just been putting it off and the situation has just been getting worse.

So now, I have to organize my stash.  Apparently, the universe has decided that I need good kick in the pants and has thusly given it to me.  We live in a 60-year-old building.  Which means that in addition to having a huge amount of space (since they actually built things big enough to live in back then), we also encounter problems that you would expect from a 60-year-old building.  This little universe-given solution came in the form of 1/2 our fuse box frying itself.  In fact, as I sit here and type this, half of the apartment is sitting in the dark because anytime we turn anything on that draws power on that side of the apartment the fuse box hisses and crackles.  We are very concerned that it will fry the rest of the box, and since our kitchen, tv, desktop computer, and AC are all still working fine, we’d really like for that not to happen.  Currently, my laptop is plugged into an extension cord and getting power from the stove (it’s a really long cord), and I am lounging on our futon since sleeping in the bedroom would have meant sleeping without the fan going which would have really meant no sleep at all for either of us.  (I’m kind of enjoying the futon being set up.  It’s not all bad.)  And this all happened on the weekend so there’s not much the super can do about it since the supply company that the building handyman deals with is closed until Monday.  So we’re having a little adventure in our own place until things can be fixed.

So how is this forcing me to organize my stash? The fuse box in is the closet behind my stash and they need to replace and update the whole fuse box.  I have to haul the contents of my stash out onto the floor so there is space for the electricians to work and so they don’t get their grimy hands all over my stash while they rip out part of my wall.  (I am oh so very thrilled at this happening. Really.)  But it has to happen, so I might as well take this opportunity to organize things.   So really, Nan was right.  I put a thought out there and the Universe answered my call in the most obnoxious way possible.  But, now I will have an organized stash and that, in theory, should make my knitting life easier.  But, that doesn’t have to happen today, ’cause the electricians aren’t coming today and I am blissfully skilled at ignoring the half stash that is already on the floor since I needed to make some room for the Super to poke around at the box.  I would in fact be willing to knit the entire stash instead of putting it back in the closet but since the Universe seems to be in tune with my knitting thoughts right now I am concerned that the ceiling might collapse or the yarn will somehow fall through the floor.  And that’s the story of how we will have a whole new fuse box and I will have an organized stash.  Or at least a new fuse box.

And that's what I need to sort. I really needed to stay way better organized then this.


7 responses to “And the Universe Listened

  • Natalie

    *laughs* Looks like you do indeed need to sort your stash. And how nice of the Universe to answer your needs in such a way 😉 Sounds very similar to the old “be careful what you wish for”!

  • RugbyMad

    Thanks for putting me on your blogroll, I have added you too! 🙂

    Well never put off today what you should have done tomorrow, I love organising and cleaning out. My boys are not very keen but I am training them from young not to be hoarders, and what they do keep, keep neatly.
    Yes I am an neat freak.

  • Vanessa

    Ha! I too have spent the weekend organizing my stash. By that I mean just photographing, uploading to Rav and then putting it into ziplock baggies. I’ve got one basket done, and one to go. I think I only have 50 skeins of yarn. So I really do have a small stash!

  • Kathryn | Alpacamundo

    Now that is looking at your glass as being half full. 🙂

    I actually just organized my stash about a week ago. It must be in the air because I couldn’t help myself. I was compelled to do it.

  • misty

    So, what does it say about my stash, that I thought your stash was organized? I hope everything gets completed for you quickly and nobody’s grubby paws get near your lovely stash.

  • sparklesness

    The universe works in some strange ways.
    I sent out a wish for a fairy godmother to re-size all my clothes. Next day my toilet overflowed, flooding my bedroom and destroying most of my clothes and all of my bedroom furniture.
    Happy Ending – insurance paid for new clothes and brand new bedroom furniture and everything is better than it was.

    And I’m totally saving this post for the next time my other half comments on my stash basket overflowing.
    I have a tiny stash – but i’m working on it!

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