Mystery KAL an update -clue 3

We are now in week three of the Stephen West Mystery Knit-a-long and I have to say that I am in love with the pattern.  I am also not sure if Mr. West is in fact psychic, or if the whining and manic pleading of knitter like me (see here), or the realization on his part that the length of the 3rd clue may require more than a week to complete, was the cause of his actions.  But he released the third clue early and I was able to start working on it on the weekend.  I was thrilled!!   The more time I had to work on the third clue the better, and even though it means that some of my other knitting is falling by the wayside a little, the shawl is coming along nicely.  I have also discovered that like many things with knitting that seemed frightening at the start, intarsia is really not that intimidating at all and completely manageable.

The other great thing about this KAL is that it seems to be defeating my knitting polygamy soundly.  I’m not always running away from the shawl into the wooly arms of another project or giving in to one of the many pairs of sock that tempt me everytime I am close to my knitting basket by saying ‘hey baby, finish us up so you can slip us over your little piggies and stay warm.  We know what you like.  Wink Wink Nudge Nudge.’ (I have no idea why I’ve decided that socks are the playboys of the knitting world.  My guess is that it has something to do with the number of pairs I have on the go and the fact that they are so tempting and inviting with their varied techniques and styles.  Really socks are the mid day break in the  country pub without actually having to commit to the hustle and bustle of the city’s upscale wine bars.)  I am actually sticking with it into the section that would normally cause me to be tossing it aside with boredom and possibly wanting to jab out my own eyes with the needles that I am using to knit the shawl.  And while I admit to having brief flirtations with other projects, I am still knitting the shawl every day.  Apparently the key to me finishing a project in a very brief period of time is to only allow me to see little bits of the project and then withhold large chunks of it from me at the same time.  It makes me want what I don’t have and even though I know that the next clue is going to be posted regardless of whether or not I am finished the clue I am working on, I want to be finished the knitting for this clue before the next one comes out.

Maybe I should start getting my husband to hide the second, (and then third or fourth) page of every pattern and only release them to me when I am finished the page that I am working on…

On second thought that would just lead to tears, destroyed furniture, and probably an eviction notice due to the loud and ongoing wailing.  I have faith that my marriage can survive a great many things, but a constantly irate and possibly murderous knitter may be more than any marriage could withstand.  (Might as well take away my coffee at the same time and then just fling me at people of questionable moral fibre.  I’d be the strangest superhero ever!)

Anyway, here’s the shawl at the end of clue 2.

And this is as fair as I’ve gotten into clue 3.  I have two more section repeats before this clue is complete.

Stash organization update: The electrician never showed yesterday.  I have been told he will be here by 10 am today.  So the apartment is still only 1/2 lit, we’re still taking a torch to the bathroom & sleeping in the living room and my stash is in the same pile it was when I posted yesterday.  Sigh.


2 responses to “Mystery KAL an update -clue 3

  • Calophi

    I forgot for a moment that a torch is a flashlight, and I totally imagined you walking around your apartment with flaming sticks. =D

  • Tonya

    Love the shawl. It is really gorgeous.

    Last night J and I were discussing what we would do on our vacation and I mentioned some knitting groups. J actually had the gall to suggest I NOT knit on our vacation. He’s still breathing but I’m not sure how long that will last.

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