WIP Wednesdays – Squares Everywhere

I figured it was time to update this particular project again.  As always, the fact that I am unable to commit to one project for any length of time before getting bored and going on to something new means that there are lots of projects that I can blather on about each week without always updating each project that I have on my needles.   (First, I don’t have the kind of time I would need to update each project each week and you don’t have time to read it.  Second, then I would be airing my dirty little knitting secrets out online every week and really it’s better  for my mental stability to be able to live in a little bit of denial about just how detrimental my knitting polygamy is to actually finishing things in an acceptable length of time.)  So here are the squares.

The colour is a little wonky in this. There's way too much yellow

I am now past the half way point.  And there is actually one more square that is nearing completion, but it’s currently on a little hiatus and opted to spend the summer in my co-worker’s van.  I’ll get it back from her in a few weeks, and if that little ball of Noro needed one more gasp at freedom and adventure before being forced into the confines of the blanket, who am I to say no.  My knitting life goes much better for me when my yarn is happy.


14 responses to “WIP Wednesdays – Squares Everywhere

  • Natalie

    My knitting polygamy keeps me sane, but it does mean everything takes so much longer to get finished (or at least feels like it!)

    Love the idea of you yarn making a break for freedom before being “tied down”. So funny 🙂

  • Calophi

    Crazy that your camera is giving you too much yellow. My cameras always fade it out so it looks too pale.

  • Nicky

    Hahaha!!!! So good to have found a like minded knitter. I tried to be a monogamist but as soon as learned the technique the project presented, I moved on. I’m accepting that I’m a project polygamist and I’m happy to find I’m not alone. 😀

    I have the same issues with time too and got discouraged when I compared myself to what other knitters were cranking out at the same time as I cranked out one project. Ahh foooey!!!! Not letting those things dull my love for knitting so I’m accepting who I am as a knitter and keeping it moving. 😀

    Love, love, love those squares and I can’t wait to see the FO.!!!!

  • myknittingcircle

    I like having a variety of projects going at the same time. That way, I can knit whatever I’m in the mood for. One may be simple and the other may be complicated. Another may be almost finished and the other just cast on.

  • geeky Heather

    LOL!!! “…denial about just how detrimental my knitting polygamy is to actually finishing things…”

    I resemble this remark! The squares are beautiful!

  • Minding My Own Stitches

    I’m in denial as well, but having too many things on the go for too long stresses me out. Right now I’m in a serious lets-get-all-this-sh!t-done mood. It’s going to be a very striking blanket with all those Noro colour transitions!

  • RugbyMad

    I LOVE your squares! We all air our dirty knitting secrets. It’s so cool to think “I’m not alone” there are many many many of us out there!

  • slothmuffin

    Those squares are gorgeous, the colours and asymmetry of them are making me really happy. 🙂

    And I’m an impatient, polygamous crafter, too—that’s why I make tiny little animals, I guess! I keep musing about starting a blanket, but…

  • Denise

    My camera tends to add too much yellow. I like the fact that your yarn decided to go on a little vacation.

  • Daphne

    I can relate. I usually have at least 4 projects going at once. I like to have something else to work on if I get bored with one.

  • Paula @ Knit and Seek

    Pretty, pretty squares. That blanket is going to be lovely when it’s all done. Maybe you should make sure the wayward square gets a corner spot? You know, just acknowledge its adventurous spirit with a little more breating room? I really appreciate all you polygamous knitters. It certainly makes for fun blog reading. I wish I could wrap my head around more than 2 projects at a time, but I just don’t have it in me…

  • savethestationery

    Love the idea of your yarn taking a trip! Delightful squares and enjoyable post.

    I am trying to become a monogamist! We’ll see how long that lasts.

  • Underground Crafter

    I tend to jump around a bit too, especially when one project is a blanket since they take so long (relatively) to complete. Love your colors.

  • Annie Chen (@ADCtheABC)

    Loooove the colors! and knitting polygamy? in my room my laundry basket is dedicated to WIPs dirty laundry is usually on the floor…

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