YOP Update – There’s Magic in Those Socks

So apparently there is magic in my sock knitting. You can imagine this came as quite a shock to me, as I do not even consider myself to be a very good sock knitter let alone one who gets magic out of her socks.  But, according to my Bff and knitting guru this is in fact not the case and that there is so much magic in my socks they might even get me to Sock Summit in 2013!  Um, okay, if you say so my darling knitting guru.

So here’s what happened.  Last night myself, my BFF, and a few other knitters (including my friend Suzie) were enjoying knit night together at one of our LYS.  Suzie was a very lucky knitter this year, and actually just returned from this year’s Sock Summit.  I wanted to hear everything.  I wanted to know about the classes, the marketplace, where she stayed, who she met.  If you can think of it I wanted to know about it.  Then she said that “we, (my BFF and myself) ” really had to think about going to Sock Summit in 2013.” And then my BFF said, “well if Keri finishes her 26 pairs of socks…..”.  Huh? What?  I have to finish my 26 pairs of socks because it’s the magic ticket for the two of us to go to Sock Summit?  Oh hell.  No pressure there.  And already I am behind.  But, not so far behind that I can’t catch up.  So here’s my progress.

Two Pairs of socks have been getting my love and attention

and these old favourites

Final count is still 1/26.  But since the fate of Sock Summit 2013 rests in my knitting, I’ll be the sock queen in no time!


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