FO Fridays – Everyone Needs a Minion!


This is Maytal.  He is my minion.  He is a very fast and fun knit made from left over sock yarn.  He found the hat kicking around my stash and insisted that it belonged to him so I let him keep it.  He said it matched his eyes perfectly.

If you want a minion of your very own please refer to the handy guidelines I’ve put together to aid you in the Care and Keeping of Your Minion. They’re more work than you’d think.

1. Minions are fast and slightly mischievous.  Make sure your spices are locked away for safe keeping because they like to make themselves at home between the oregano and the basil.

blog 021

I'm not even sure how he got up there.

2. Yarn is a favourite resting place.  Maytal claims he feels very much at home in piles of yarn.  You may just want to go right ahead and make a little yarn box for yours so they leave your stash alone.

blog 020

Regular readers will know exactly who that yarn comes from.

3. Towels are another favourite spot.  Apparently the smell of fresh towels is very appealing to a little minion.

blog 022

These little guys are tough to spot in the morning.

4. I drew the line when I notice that Maytal was heading for our beer because I really do not need an intoxicated minion in my house.

blog 023

Back, minion! Back!

5. He loves to help you type and will fall asleep listening to the sound of clicking keyboards.

blog 019

Helping write posts is hard work.

Pattern: Minions

Yarn: about 30 grams of left over sock ends

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