Today Started With A Smile – Pretty Good for a Monday!

I have to give a big Shout Out and Thank You to Charlotte at An Accidental Knitter.  She managed to bring a smile to grumpy Monday morning face which is really a very hard thing to do.  (In reality a smile on my face any morning is pretty rare, but Mondays are worse than most.)  I found a message from her in my Ravlery inbox telling me to check out her newest blog post and when I did and found this.

  And under the award was a list of people that she was passing the award onto and there I was on the list! I think that it’s very lovely and a nice way to acknowledge the fact that there are a lot of us out there who blog for the enjoyment of it and nothing more.  I love knowing that I’ve made someone laugh or helped to brightened their day a little.  And this certainly brightened mine 🙂

There are a few expectations that come with this award.  First thanking the person that awarded it to you and linking back to their blog.  (I find it a little odd that this had to be stated.  To me it seems like common courtesy.)

Next share seven things about yourself.

1. I really love cheesy, silly horror movies.

2. Cold pizza is still the best ever breakfast food.

3. I hate winter with an undying passion.

 4. Knitters will rule the earth when the zombie apocalypse strikes.  We have lots of pointy sticks and we are not afraid to use them.

  5. I have on occasion had dreams that involve knitting.

  6. A bagel really isn’t worth eating unless it has sliced lox on it or is from Timmie’s

  7.  I think if knitters were in charge of all governments there would be world peace.

And now I get to pass on the happiness to 15 other bloggers.  There is no particle order to my list and whether or not you chose to continue this is up to you.  I just wanted to spread the happy around.  Also, I read way more than these 15 blogs.  There are many other blogs I read that deserve recognition and are full of  great stuff.  I love reading all my fellow bloggers posts.  My list could really go on and on.  You all make my morning coffee(s) a little more enjoyable.

1. Indigodragonfly

2. Nonlinear Solutions

3. The Wooly Mammoth

4. Crafty for Sanity.  (Soon to be renamed and a very new blogger.)

5. Knitting to Stay Sane

6. Natural Suburbia

7. Life and Yarn or Yarn and Life

8. Music, Food, Life.

9. The Bloggess. (Not about knitting and not safe for work.  You’ve been warned.)

10. Good Purl Gone Bad

11. My Knitting Circle’s Blog

12. Underground Crafter

13. Master of  a Thousand Things

14. Writing, Yarn, Pucks, and Diapers

15. Page After Page


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