YOP Update – A Little Late to the Party

So I’m a little late posting this week.  I would love to say that there was some incredibly interesting reason for my tardiness that include space aliens and time travel, or that I suddenly decided to raise pygmy elephants, or that the zombie apocalypse did actually happen but I single-handedly ended it so quickly that it never made it to the media.  Alas, it’s nothing that exciting.  I just ran out of time in my week and didn’t get this up on Sunday.  But it’s better late than never so here’s my update.

I finished a sock. (Yay me!) unfortunately I didn’t cast the next one on yet. (Boo Hiss.) I know this is really bad and could lead to “second sock syndrome.”  I assure you this will not be the case and I will cast it one before I return to work in a couple of weeks.  I’m hoping to have it finished before then especially since they are on of my entries into the summer knit-a-long of doom.
The pattern is Fishbone Gansey and the yarn is “Bored Now’ from IndigoDragonfly.


These may be the best fitting socks that I have ever made. Love.

I cast on my husband’s super secret Christmas present.  Really can’t say much more about it than that.  If you want to see more before Christmas you can check out my Ravelry home page.  (Sorry not linking this time.)

A big chunk of my knitting time this past week was lost to the fiasco with the electrician and the resulting stash organization.  The good news is that all the lights are still working, the fuse box is no longer buzzing ominously, and I can get to my wheels again.  All things seem to be in order so with any luck there will be a lot more accomplished this week.

Happy Knitting everyone.


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