WIP Wednesday – I never hated a WIP quite this much

WIP Wednesdays are great.  I love participating in them for a few reasons.  First, I always know what I’m going to be writing about.  As I have firmly established in the past I have a great many WIPS at anyone time so my topics of conversation are vast and varied.  Second, and this was unexpected, WIP Wednesday forces me to pay closer and better attention to my knitting.  If someone had told me six months ago that I could actually pay more attention to my knitting I would have poked them in the eye with a knitting needle  stared at them in quiet disbelief.

So with that in mind, I found myself in an odd spot this Wednesday.  The only new WIP  I have on the needles is the start of my Super Secret Husband knitting.  The title explains why I can’t write anything about it here except that it’s going well and received an appropriate amount of “oohs” and “awes” at knit night last night.  And I really don’t feel like I have made any  significant progress on other projects and don’t want to  bore myself or anyone else with a redundant knitting update.   But than I figured it out.

I love knitting and I love my WIPS.  In a worst case scenario I know that the person I am knitting for will (hopefully) love what I am creating for them and that even if the wool or the pattern are not really my taste it’s all still good.  This WIP however is the glaring exception to that.

I present to you my most hated WIP of all time, the featherweight Cardi.

It's looked like this for a very long time.

Just not feeling the love

This lovely little nightmare was cast on almost a year ago as part of a KAL hosted by The Purple Purl.  The store sample was so pretty and the yarn that was going to be part of the kits was Viola Fancy Lace.  I really didn’t see how any of this could go wrong.  So I picked my colourway and paid my cash and then sat around with all the other KAL knitters dying with the anticipation of receiving our kits and diving in head first.  And then the kits arrived and my nightmare began.

I want to make it exceeding clear at this point that there is nothing wrong the pattern.  It is very well written.  There is also nothing wrong with Viola yarns.  I have very successfully and enjoyably finished other projects using Viola.  Unfortunately this combination for me is a recipe for disaster and heartbreak and I really should have known that this would only end in tears.  In case you haven’t quite realized this next bit yet, this is an entire cardigan knit in lace weight yarn!

First the needles I was using were very wrong for the project so I bought new needles and tried with those ones.  And for a short while that seemed to be the missing piece to the puzzle and I thought that I might actually be able to enjoy knitting the Featherweight.   But as the knitting continued a harsh new reality snuck into my brain and planted itself very firmly in my thoughts.  Then it started screaming at me every time I got near the cardi.  The message was loud and very clear.  I hate knitting with lace weight and for me making an entire cardi out of it is a bad, bad,  bad idea.  Not only was I not enjoying knitting it I knew that I would never actually wear it for fear that it would snag on something and rip.  The only logical thing to do at that point would be to use the cardi as a fire starter  just so I could begin to express the amount of anger that I would have towards the now snagged, ripped Featherweight cardi.  I understand that this is probably not healthy and really lighting any cardi on fire may in fact be the opposite of logical.  But I’m willing to own and embrace my irrational thoughts.  They balance out nicely with all the rational thoughts I have on any given day.

I’d like to say that one day I will finish this WIP.  However,  I think we can all agree that’s  just a pipe dream.  I need to be strong and frog the whole thing and find something else to do with the yarn.  And I will continue to be in awe of all those knitters who have finished this pattern.  I bow down to you.  Your patience clearly surpasses my own.  You and your finished cardis will continue to be a source of inspiration for me.

Just for the record, I hate frogging.  Rippit.


16 responses to “WIP Wednesday – I never hated a WIP quite this much

  • Natalie

    Laceweight cardigan… Egads that sounds terrifying! I started a sock weight top and didn’t even get halfway through the front before deciding that garments should never be made in anything less than DK (I may revise this up to aran, considering how long my DK weight cardigan is taking!) I’m impressed you even started it and made as much progress as you did 😉

  • eweniq

    Yeah, I stopped knitting lace weight cardigans, shawls, anything a while back; for this exact reason!
    You invest hours of your life knitting, get through it, snag it on EVERYTHING, it felts as soon as you look at it, stitches don’t stand out anymore and you want to poke your own eyes out with a sharp stick! Not worth the hassle.

    These days I use sock yarn or a heavy lace weight – much more satisfying and no need to poke at my (or anyone else’s) eyes.

  • Tonya

    Don’t finish it. The yarn is a dream but not for cardigans. My featherweight already looks a little worn and I haven’t worn it that much. Make something else with that dreamy yarn.

  • RugbyMad

    I agree, get someone else to frog it for you, therefore the pain isn’t as bad. Featherweight and cardi together should be outlawed.

  • Suzie

    Your frog mine and I’ll frog yours, then we make lovely shawls with the yarn.

  • Calophi

    Yeesh, I can’t believe you even TRIED to knit a laceweight cardigan! I can’t even bring myself to knit a worsted weight one! =D

  • Nicky

    I’m screaming with laughter here. I bought lace weight yarn for a shawl. Just the idea of making it into a cake fills me with hysteria. It’ll stay in that nice pretty, not to be used anytime soon hank.

    I agree with Natalie … garments shouldn’t be made with anything less than DK.

    This post has my vote for the WIP post of the day. I’m still laughing loud (while totally understanding your angst). 😉

  • Marushka

    if you thought you would love it in the end, all the suffering could be justified. but you have already determined it won’t be something you’ll want to wear, so frogging it seems like a reasonable thing to do.

    laceweight is hard to knit with at the best of times, i’d be suicidal knitting a whole cardigan with it.

  • chrisknits

    I feel your pain, even if I can’t imagine it. A lace cardi? Lace shawl: yes, Lace cardi: Oh H-e-double toothpicks-NO!

  • Alittlebitsheepish

    Frogging can be fun once you get over the first hurdle of pullling out the needles. Or find someone who complains about your knitting and tell them they can frog it if they pay you in chocolate

  • sparklesness

    I can’t even contemplate a cardigan let alone one in laceweight.

    frog it!!

  • crystalspin

    First thing I noticed: “Cardi” in garment name, “laceweight” in yarn description. What is she, crazy? I thought.

    I join the no garment yarn finer than DK, no needle smaller than US6 crowd — although I so didn’t like all the aran+ coarsely-knit sweaters the Europeans were all wearing on a river cruise in June. They looked like Leisure Arts had taken over the world, one 4H class at a time, by force.

  • myknittingcircle

    Oh, go ahead and frog it. Isn’t there someone whose head you want to rip off? Just pretend that’s what you’re doing when you start pulling that yarn! The big questions is, “So, what are you going to do with that lace weight yarn?”

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