YOP Update – August 28th

Much to my dismay the summer is drawing to a close and I will soon be back in the classroom attempting to shape young minds and hopefully set at least a few of them on the right path to becoming productive members of society.  This  means that knitting time for me does diminish a little and I have to be more strategic about what gets knit  when.

That realization has caused two important things to happen this week.  First, I realized that I really want to get all the squares for the blanket finished and blocked before having to be back at work full-time.  Pretty much all of my knitting time has been devoted to that.  I’ve finished three more squares which brings my grand total to 14/20.  I can easily finished the last six squares and I am hoping to have the whole thing put together by the end of September.

The end is approaching!!!

Two, my mom’s Christmas knitting sort of fell into my lap. When I created my YOP list  I didn’t add  anything  for my mum because as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to knit for her.   My mum is not shy about requesting things from me.  However, her requests  are sometimes a little unreasonable so I have to improvise things.  Currently she keeps asking me for things for her feet.  As I type this I am sure that she is wearing the felted clogs I made for my father last year.  (This tendency of her’s to steal my father’s knitting makes me a little crazy.  I knit things for her and for him yet somehow everything ends up with her and my father is left to admire stuff from a distance.  Sigh.)  So when my August package from the SmartAss Knitters/World Domination Club arrived I knew it had to be for my Mother.  I hate to have to type this, but for now all I can do is assure you that the package is perfect for my mum and that Kim, a.k.a Indigodragonfly, would be very mad at me for posting a spoiler this soon after the packages were put in the mail.  Currently  all I can do is tease and promise that my Sept 14th WIP Post will be all about this project.  I don’t want Kim naming a new yarn “You Can Use Knitting Needles for Murder” or “You’re Cut Off” in my honour.  I can tell you she’s a feisty women and I want to stay on her good side.  (Love you Kim.  *Hugs*)

Quick update: I have also cast on my BFF birthday gift.  Yet another thing I can’t type about just yet.  This all makes for fun knitting and terrible blogging.

That’s where I am in my YOP List.  Where are you.  Add to Mr. Linky and happy knitting.


14 responses to “YOP Update – August 28th

  • indigodragonfly

    You are hilarious. Also: smart.

  • RugbyMad

    I have the same problem, spend months knitting my Dad something, only to find his long time girlfriend using his. Then I make one for her and she still prefers the one I did for my Dad! Drives me NUTS.

  • Faith

    Wow, that blanket is stunning! Are you using the noro yarn in the pattern details? Any tips on getting kids on the right path and making them productive members of society gratefully received for my middle boy!!

  • Ruth

    Love it lol and I know all about projects being great for knitting and terrible for blogging but I will await with baited breath to see your wonderful creations…. I love your blanket and I’m sure you’ll have no bother finishing it by September
    As a mom I’m dreading school start this week and am trying not to think of it… just like Scarlett O’Hara I’ll think about it tomorrow….or the next day or the one after that lol

  • MindingMyOwnStitches

    I am curious to see about your Mom’s present. We don’t have to wait until after Christmas do we? Can’t wait to see the Noro blanket altogether!

  • babygreens

    Full time teacher? Respect.

    Lovely reading, as always. Thank you for introducing me to the IndigoDragonFly site, I can see yet more time being usefully frittered away there.

  • Tonya

    You are so far ahead of me on the blanket.

    If the colour of the yarn club is like the pictures I saw it would be perfect for my mom. I am thinking of knitting Semele for her for Christmas. I wasn’t planning on Christmas knitting but I know she will love it.

  • wypad

    I make things primarily for my mother and she doesn’t use them. Ever. And then I feel guilty because I’ve done nothing for my father.

    That’s about to change. And it involves feet. :p I know there’s a lore about knitting socks for others (esp. men) so all I’m gonna say is he’d better not disown me after they’re done. 😉

    Best of luck finishing your blanket!!! When in Sept does your school start?

  • Nat

    I’m knitting presents for the first time since my family have known about my blog – so I’ll have lots of secret knitting – not great for blogging as you say. I’ve only made my mum one thing ( a scarf) so far, but she’s getting a proper garment this year – wish me luck!

  • Underground Crafter

    My mom sometimes ends up with crocheted gifts intended for my sister, but I’ve also seen the reverse :).

  • myknittingcircle

    Perhaps you need to knit in “twosomes” – one for your dad and one for your mother! Good luck with the new school year. To bad life has to interfere with our knitting.

  • Kim

    Your mom sounds like a hoot! Lucky her, and your dad, to have a daughter who will knit for them. I am new enough to knitting that I have knit nothing for my own parents. Best wishes for your blanket goal–work does tend to get in the way of knitting. I stayed up WAY too late last night–frogging 8 rows and then picking up the 230 stitches I needed. After that, I really wanted to knit a row, but forced myself to go to bed.

    It was 1:00 AM.

    *smiles–but albeit a bit blurry eyed*

  • adri

    Hey, that’s a compliment to you… People snatching your knitting gifts! I’m not that popular (yet). 😉

  • Sara

    Can’t wait to see what the secret is! I imagine I will be like your mom, when my daughter gets old enough to knit gifts.

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