KAL – Really Not a Big Mystery Anymore

The final clue for the Stephen West KAL has been released and the official closing date  is drawing near.  I’m not sure that I will be finished my shawl in time to enter into the prize giveaway thread on September 1st.  But really, stranger things have happened and I’m not ruling out all hope just yet.  Currently I have 1 1/2 repeats left to complete the third clue and then a border and bind off  and it will be an FO instead of a WIP.

This was my first “Mystery KAL” and I must admit it was more of an ‘experience’ then it expected it to be .  It was fun and at times very frustrating.  But most importantly it kept me engaged.  When it comes to knitting I fully admit to having the attention span of a hummingbird.  I flutter from project to project being distracted by the new and shiny thing that comes along and this causes my self-proclaimed project polygamist status.  And I must say that I am very good at project jumping.  But this hasn’t been the case with this shawl and I am even having to resist the urge to stop typing and start knitting it right now.

My husband’s response to all this was to look at me and say “You think? I knew that only giving you a small part of something instead of all of it at once was going to work like a charm.”  (Thanks for pointing out my lack of patience there Honey.)  I can’t even be put out or disagree ’cause I know it’s the truth.  It just took me a little longer to cotton on to the concept.  But there it is, way out for everyone to see.  Restrict my knowledge and my impatience will fuel the desire to know what I’m missing.  And now what’s missing is a new, warm, Stephen West shawl to add to my collection.


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