Words Every Knitter Wants to Hear

I managed to survive my first day back with a some grace and tact.  I only had one minor meltdown.   The electrician curse followed me to work and I had to wait until the caretaker appeared (fortunately we are friends so me shrieking into the phone at 8:15 a.m. was rather effective) to show me “the trick” to making things work until the new part comes in this week and the repair is complete.  I love when the year gets off to such a good start.  So by 8:17 a.m. I was considering throwing in the towel on the whole working full-time thing (but not really, as I like being able to feed myself and Canada gets very cold in the winter).  So I started envisioning things that the Director could say to me that would improve my day.  Please feel free to add anything you would like to hear from your boss in the comments section.

Things Every Knitter Wants to Hear From Their Boss

  • We’ve decided to include yarn purchases in your yearly budget
  • We understand that Knit night is important to your overall sanity and therefore you can leave work two hours early that day so you can best enjoy your evening
  • We agree that going to an Alpaca Farm is a highly educational experience and should therefore be enjoyed by all our staff and clients at least once a month
  • A “knitting emergency” is a completely valid reason to be late for work or to miss a day.  Those situations can be very stressful and should be dealt with in a timely fashion.
  • Surfing Ravelry or visiting a LYS is a valid use of your work day
  • In addition to sick, personal, and vacation days, you will now also receive two knitting days a month.  In the month of December you will be granted a knitting week.
  • We realise that knitting and spinning can get pricey.  To compensate you for your hobby, you’re receiving a raise that is only to be spent on supplies.  We expect receipts.
  • It is mandatory for all employees to have a yarn supply with them at all times.  It will be considered good team work if you bring in something nice enough that your co-workers roll around in it.

Unfortunately none of that happened.  But I do have a boss that at least appreciates knitting and I was reunited with my long-lost blanket square and my pair of Hiya’s that were in it.  So that’s one happy ending to an otherwise tiring kind of day.  If only I didn’t have to do it all again tomorrow.

A happy reunion!!!!


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