WIP Wednesday – A project I can actually share

Lately I seem to have a lot of projects that I can’t share on this blog.  I will share them eventually when Christmas and the relevant birthdays have passed and spoiler threads are in place.  I also really did not want to write about the Noro blanket again.  I’ve run out of new and exciting ways to present the squares and really the thought of writing about it again bores me to death.  I suppose I could get all technical about the texture of the yarn and how often Noro seems to have random knots and abrupt colour changes. (Both of those things make me simultaneously love and despise Noro.)  But chances are you’ve already knit with Noro or have a store near you that stocks it you’ve already figured that all out for yourself.  I’ve even had a WIP cross the line and become a finished object.  However the coming out party must be delayed and the FO has to wait for its day in the digital sun.

So this I thought I’d actually start working on something I can share.  I am almost 100% positive the recipient of this Christmas knitting doesn’t read my blog.  She’s not a knitter and though I did catch her lovingly fondling some cashmere recently, she seems firmly rooted in the non-knitting camp. (If you ever meet her don’t hold it against her.  She’s an awesome woman and a great deal of fun to be around.  And it’s okay for me to have a non-knitting women in my circle of friends.)  I don’t think she lurks around here, but just in case, THIS IS YOUR CHRISTMAS PRESENT CHRISTINE.  STOP READING NOW.  YOU’VE BEEN WARNED & I WILL EXPECT YOU TO ACT SURPRISED WHEN YOU RECEIVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

I was thinking about my Christmas knitting the other day when I realized that the space beside Christine’s name was still blank.  This late in the year that is not really a good thing.  So I texted her boyfriend, one of our closest long time friends, to enquire about colour preferences.   He said “earth tones mostly but I think she has a red scarf too.”  Jack-pot!  Having recently survived the stash organization odyssey, I was pretty sure that I had just the thing.  So I ran over, snapped a photo, and texted it to him and instantly received a thumbs up.  (I love technology.) And, when I was blog surfing the other day I came across the Strangling Vine Lace Scarf in someone’s FO post.  (If  the blog belongs to you, I’m sorry I’m not linking back to you.  I really don’t remember whose blog it was.  Just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration.)  And the plan came together.


yarn: Oak Grove Studio Pearl Sox

I know it’s best to start this now as it’s a four row repeat which means I will at some point curse my currently perceived brilliance and eventually just end up cursing period.  But for today, in this moment, I am happy to be casting on something (else) new and to have a blog post I can share and to have another bit of Christmas knitting underway.


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