FO Friday – This Deserves Finished Object Status

I know that I have mentioned my husband’ s Nan here before.  She’s a feisty 80 something year old who still an artist at heart and creates original pieces of work for both sale and as a hobby.  She’s becoming a little quirky in her old age (and really who can blame her).  When you’ve been around for 80 + years you can do and say whatever you want.  Clearly you’ve earned that right.  Last winter she decided that her stone frog looked cold  and that her deck needed a little colour in the otherwise monochrome snowy landscape so she made him a little scarf. She really is that cute.

Fortunately, she also understands the value of handmade items.  One day a few years ago she was volunteering in the Mennonite Thrift store in her hometown when some boxes and bags were dropped off.  She was working in the back sorting stuff when this got pulled out of the bag.

Not a colour I would ever pick. But clearly deserves better than the rubbish bin!

The person sorting with her shook his head and asked why anyone would drop off since it was clearly junk and started walking towards the back door, presumably to the dumpster.  And that when my adopted Nan sprung into action.  I’m not sure I can clearly paint this scene for you, but I will try.  Nan is 5’5″ with salt and pepper hair.  She not as frail as you would expect but she’s slower than she used to be.  She loves colour and accessories and she wears them with a tasteful flair that you would expect from a lifelong artist.  With one graceful  motion she claims to have leapt from the chair and caught the man before he walked to the door and snatched the bag out of his hands all while saying “don’t you dare throw that out.  My Granddaughter will know how to finish it!”  And trust me on this next bit, you don’t argue with Nan.  Being thrown into the ring with a pride of hungry lions would be less dangerous for your overall health then arguing with Nan.  Needless to say, he let her take the bag. (and probably thought a few interesting things but was smart enough to keep his mouth shut.)  But the point is she understands the value of a handmade item and was certainly not going to allow all of that knitting be tossed out in the trash.   (She a very smart lady.)

I’ve had the sweater in my possession for a few years, (maybe two) and I have to admit, I did nothing with it beyond storing in a proper container and burying in the bottom of my stash.  When I organized my stash in August I came across it again and suddenly was hit with the overwhelming urge to make sure it was finished.  I do  not know what happened to the knitter that made this sweater or to the recipient but someone, somewhere, put a lot of work and love into this sweater and I feel like I will be honouring an unknown knitter by finishing her work.

Clearly a top down

I have no idea what pattern this is or what the wool is.  But I’m pretty sure it’s %100 wool.  It may be superwash.  It may not.  The stitches are even and constant and the stranding in the back of the work is tensioned nicely.  This was someone who know what they were doing.  There are a few oddities that I am coming across.  The ends that have been left are were so long that you may have been able to create a baby sweater out of them and there are places where live stitches have been placed on holders for reasons I don’t really understand.  The neck alone had live stitches on waste yarn in three places.  (I’ve since finished the neck and seamed it.)  I really don’t like the arm construction and gave some serious thought to steeking the sleeves but if I’m wrong about the content of the yarn and there is some acyclic in there I run the risk of  destroying rather than fixing the sleeves.  But, the sweater needs to be finished and I am developing  a strange intimacy with a knitter that a know absolutely nothing about.

I have no idea why these stitches are live. I'm just having to work with it.

If anyone recognizes the pattern I’d love a link otherwise it will remain the unknown sweater.  But at least it will finally be finished.

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