Temptation Tuesday or What Has She Found Now?!

Last week over at It’s  a Knitting Thing, I came across this great meme idea.  I asked if it was okay for me to tag along and here I am.  It’s such a good idea that when I mentioned it to my husband his only response was “of course it comes before WIP Wednesday.  Hopefully at some point it leads to an FO Friday!” I love that he has confidence in my knitting abilities and that he speaks the langauge so well.

So, my first installment of Temptation Tuesdays is this book.

This is currently my favourite knitting book ever!!

I originally encountered “Knit, Swirl” when I reviewed it for Knitty.com.  When I first opened the book  I thought  “pretty, this will take  me no time to write the review for.”  It then got tossed into my review pile and promptly ignored for a few days.  At some point I was sitting with my morning coffee and started really looking at the book and by the time my husband came into the living room I was getting fangirl squee all over the cover and as Jeremy Clarkson from the BBC show Top Gear politely states “I was having a wee bit of a crisis.”  I have had knitting books that I have been excited about but this takes the cake.

Unfortunately, as luck would have it, this is the only book I have every reviewed that I was not able to keep.  Normally my payment for writing for Knitty is to keep whatever I want if I like it, but not this time.  This copy belonged to the co-editor Jillian and had been sent to Amy by mistake.  (Amy thought that Jillian already had a copy when she passed this on to me.)  I must admit that I may have cried a little and that a small wrestling match may have taken place between Amy and myself when I returned the book.  (Fine. There was no wrestling match but it was a damn close thing.)  Returning this book was brutal for me so it was no surprise when I had my favourite LYS reserve one for me out of the first shipment.  (Ten other people did the same thing.)

I want to knit the whole book.  But that’s not reasonable.  (See, I can be reasonable when it comes to my knitting.  It just doesn’t happen often.)  I do know what my first project is going to be and I am even going to use stashed yarn for it.

I was there the day this yarn arrived at The Purple Purl. It didn't make it to the shelf. I bought it out of the box.

Yarn: Waterloo Wools Huron Sport
Colour: Dragons

And this is what to want to make

None of this is going to happen for a while since I first have to get through the Christmas knitting madness and then decide if this gets added to this years YOP list or to the start of  the next one.  Either way, this is on my radar and will be started and hopefully completed at some point in the future.


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