Creative Friday – September 9th

After updating my Year of Projects list, I realized that I really needed to finish something from it.  Anything would do.  I just needed to be able to cross something off the list and psychologically know that the list had become smaller.  I know that my list is huge and unruly and if it could it would stomp all over my place leaving muddy foot prints and making a mess.  So I decided it needed to come down a notch and I did it by focusing on a fast and simple favourite.  Wash cloths!

dragonfly washcloth

Two cute little Dragonfly washcloths. One for my Aunt and one for my Grandmother.

I made a whole whack of these earlier in the year for Christmas presents and just when I thought I was finished, I realized that I was actually short two.  So the missing cloths were added to the list, and now they have been crossed off the list.  And my list is just that little bit quieter than it was before the cloths were finished. (My list really is very noisy and rather misbehaved.)  There is nothing wrong with a little instant gratification from time to time and since I can complete one of these in just over an hour, it doesn’t get much faster than that!

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