Nerd Wars – the Finale

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The second annual Nerd Wars over on Ravelry has come to a close.  It’s a great deal of fun and the knitters who run and organize the whole thing need a big huge thank you.  I can’t image putting in the amount of work that these knitters did for a whole bunch of other knitters that they don’t even know.  So THANK YOU!  YOU’RE ALL AMAZING!!

Unfortunately my dissertation was a stunning failure.  As  I said early this week I really need to make my spinning a priority.  My fleece suffers a terrible fate in my house currently.  I love it so much and then it sits and waits to be spun.  From time to time I take out fleece and fondle it.  You can almost hear the other fleeces cheering and enjoying the victory that receiving my attention is.  Then the happy little fleece gets tossed back into the stash and is left to be consoled by its buddies.  (One day my fleece will rise up against me and start throwing itself all over my floor.  Or maybe I just watch too much sci-fi.)  So, no happy ending on that front.  And then I entered the WIP category, (because you know that is an area that I excel at) and forgot to add my finished items to the thread, thus missing the opportunity to get any points for my team.  The moment that realization dawned on me produced a forehead slap that was probably audible to the neighbours down the hall.

It was, however, not all sad.  I did finish two projects, and for my efforts received team points, FO’s, and these two badges to display proudly on this page.

This was for completing the "Why I'm on the wrong team Challenge."

For completing a three-dimensional object

Basically, I made Stone the Gargoyle and added a Mr. Pointy in the next round.

Stone's ready to defend the house! No vampires allowed.

The next tournament  is starting soon and I am considering signing up again.  I’m going to run with the theory that there will be something on my Christmas knit list that will fit into a least one category.  My only hope is that this time I am able to be on Team Hellmouth and not Team Browncoats.  I love you Mal, but my heart really belongs to Drusilla, Spike, and Buffy.  Don’t take it personally.  I started reading vampire books when I was six and didn’t discover space cowboys till I was an adult.  You have a lot of years to make up for.


4 responses to “Nerd Wars – the Finale

  • gracey

    I haven’t decided if I’m going to sign up again….been thinking of maybe volunteering for the Welcome Wagon…I love my team show – Stargate – huge fan, but not many members of the team participated…which was kind of a bummer…we had about 4 active members…and a few others here and there…I finished 4 challenges in round 3, and 1/2 my dissertation…and wow that sucks about the WIP’s challenge!

  • Vanessa

    As much as I consider myself to be a big ol’ nerd, most shows that are labeled “nerdy” just don’t interest me. Joss Whedon really annoys me, Doctor Who is far too predictable to me and I feel that the cast of Stargate all mumble.

    I’m more into the factual side of science fiction? Then again, I do prefer a good fantasy book over a science fiction one. I was pretty into comic books but that died when my ex took all of mine.

    Hmm. Not sure what this makes me?

  • JacBer

    I’m gutted that I’ve missed this on Ravelry so far – I’m off to check it out! 🙂

  • stitchyalli

    Sounds like fun! I just saw a sweater on another blog (not sure if it was part of this) that would be a great contender – they had modified the Paper Dolls pattern to be a series of Daleks around the yoke – along with the word “Exterminate!” charted into the sweater!

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