YOP Update – Sept 11

This week has literally flown past.  I can hardly believe it’s already time for another YOP update.  I am actually convinced that the time/space continuum has somehow warped and that I lost a day or two of this week.  (If you know where it went maybe you could give it back to me.  Or at least give me directions on how to find it.)  I’m getting back into the routine of the school year and that comes with its own challenges, like being able to form complete sentences past about six pm and (strangely enough) remembering what day of the week it is.  All I can say is that it’s a damn good thing the first week back only has four days, since I don’t know a single other teacher who  could stomach a fifth day to this teaching week.

That being said, I still managed a few magical feats of knitting this week.  First, I finished my Mystery Stephen West KAL shawl.  I love it and had to really resist the urge to cast on a second one straight away.  The only thing that stopped me was an unusual moment of sanity as far as my knitting abilities are concerned and the number of ends that need weaving in.  I was very pleased to discover that intarsia is far simpler than I thought it would be, but man does it produce  a lot of ends.  And I hate weaving in ends.  I makes me cringe a little inside every time I have to pick it up and stare at those ends.  But I have been diligent and have been weaving in a few every night and will have a lovely finished object to share this Friday.  I am remarkably proud of myself for having finished an entire shawl in a month and two days.  I can’t wait to show it off.  It just needs to finish blocking.

I also finished the remaining two dish cloths from my list.  Two more Christmas gifts finished and there is actually the possibility that one Christmas box might be mailed by the end of November.  This is awesome! I am well-known for sending gifts at random times of the year after Christmas has passed.  Apparently  in my family this means that I am very good at keeping the Christmas Spirit alive and well all year round.  In reality it means that I am usually too damn lazy to get to the post office at a reasonable time and stare at addressed boxes until the guilt becomes too much for me to bear or I get tired of having to move it to get to other things.  But once the soap arrives and I finish two other very small knitted items I really have no excuse not to get at least this first box packaged and out the door.

(click the photo to link to the pattern.)

dragonfly washcloth

Sorry for the repeat photo. They've already been tossed into the completed Christmas box

So that’s three finished items in one week.  Clearly the knitting gods are looking kindly on me and continuing to encourage my lunatic inspired Year of Projects list.  Or maybe they have really nasty senses of humour and are waiting for me to crash and burn so they can laugh themselves silly at me and my hubris.  Either way, I’m taking my three FO’s in stride and I will enjoy this moment of glory while it lasts.
I hop everyone else had a great knitting week too.


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