WIP Wednesday: Charee

Two weeks ago I mentioned that my Mother’s Christmas knitting sort of fell into my lap.  I also mentioned that I couldn’t discuss it further at the time since it was the August Club pack for the World Domination Club from IndigoDragonfly.  But, the two weeks has passed, and now I can happily share this with you.

First a little back story.  My Mother and I have a challenging relationship.  We love each other, but we excel at making each other crazy.  Two very stubborn and strong personalities is one space sometimes leads to an event horizon of epic proportions.  There have been some very memorable moments in our relationship.  My father, husband, friends and neighbours can attest to that.

My Mother is also very picky.  Due to a huge change in her circumstances she has become less picky and judgemental in the last few years.  But, I still have lingering memories of being told “it’s nice, but…”  So knitting for my Mother is rather stressful for me since I truly believe she is never going to like anything I make for her and I hate the thought of my hard work being tossed aside and ignored.  (I am still amazed when she tells me she loves the cardi I made for her last year.  My father has confirmed that she wears it almost all the time to the point of having to wrestle it away from her when it needs to be washed.)  So when this package arrived I laughed myself silly and knew it had to be for her.  When I showed it to my husband his response was  “Perfect.  That’s her gift, all right.”

First, it’s a pair of socks.  Score!!! My mom has been asking me to make something for her feet since my I made a pair of felted clogs for my Dad.  Also, there’s a cashmere content to the yarn.  My Mother will love this as she is unable to believe that any other yarn can possibly be as soft as cashmere.  So already we have huge pluses for this project.

Sorry. Not the best photo.

Now for the fun stuff for me.  First the colourway is “Just like Mother used to Kill.”  I feel that I need to explain at this juncture that my mother is not a killer.  She was in fact an emergency room nurse for many years so really she’s just the opposite.  The only thing I’m aware of her killing was a partridge many years ago (the only time my father got her out hunting, and she vowed to never do it again).  It’s just damn funny because as most teenage girls do, I often felt like my Mother was trying to kill my soul.  And here’s the icing on the cake.  The name of the pattern is Charee.  Charee is Hindi for crazy.  The story surrounding the name includes the line “Family is great.  Except they always manage to drive you Charee.”

The good news is, that little in joke is making want to knit these for my mom.  I’m even looking forward to it.  And really, when it comes to my relationship with my mom I’m happy to take whatever chuckles I can take.  I hope she will like them and that they will keep her feet toasty warm.  I am just a little concerned that she will continue to want more socks from me.  I think I will just leave out the colourway and pattern name from her Christmas card.


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