Holiday Knitting Survival Tip #1

At least where I live, the days are starting to get shorter and the temperature is cooling down a little, which can only mean one thing.  Autumn and then winter will soon be upon us.  With that comes the first of the turkey related celebrations and the knowledge that the winter holidays are fast approaching.   With that in mind I thought I would start writing a weekly entry for Tips on Surviving Holiday Knitting (hopefully with some of your sanity still intact.)

Tip #1: Have a Plan!

In theory, a plan should help you to keep things slipping smoothly off the needles and into the hands of friends and family, and allow you to avoid having to run around with your hair on fire putting out knitting emergencies.  Know who you are knitting for, what you want to make them, and try to buy your supplies as early as it is possible to reasonably do so.  Realize that your list may have to evolve as the dates draw nearer, and have the flexibility to alter the plan as you go.  It is important to understand that the closer you get to the holidays, the plan may have to involve less sleep and finding a way to add a few extra hours of knitting time into every waking day, knitting at some odd moments.  (That’s an upcoming post.)

Of course all this really means is that you will be able to deal with other holiday emergencies (like the cat up-chucking a box of partially digested Menorah candles in the middle of the Hanukkah dinner, or finding out less than 48 hours before Christmas dinner that your sister-in-law is violently ill and has been for a week and can therefore not host dinner in her house and that you have to host and you live in a one bedroom apartment and you don’t have a working oven and try getting that fixed after 5 pm on December 23!).  (FYI, Korean BBQ is a great solution to that problem.  Our 80 something year old Nan still says it’s the best Christmas dinner she’s ever had.)

All I can stress here is that deciding a week before the holidays to knit a blanket for your Mother in law may not be the best idea. (No, I’ve never done that. Never.  Not at all. Why do you ask?) Or that forgetting to put 1/2 the knitted items into a box that’s being shipped 1400 Kilometers/ 875 miles north of your current residence really sucks.  (And NO.  I’ve not done that either.  Really, what kind of overcommitment knitter do you think I am?)  Maybe a list will help you avoid these little pitfalls.  Go ahead and give it a shot.

The Fine Print
The tips revealed in this blog are for entertainment value only, and do not represent the views or opinions of the blogger, the blog host, or indeed of any known living being.  Certainly not any sane ones.  The use of these tips indicates your acceptance that there is no warranty, express or implied, that following these tips will have any effect whatsoever on your level of holiday stress.  This will all end in tears.   

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