Creative Friday – A Shawl in 33 days

Any of you who read my blog regularly know that knitting is a life altering little tiny bit of an addiction for me.  I have at times considered using the grocery money for yarn, (a high fibre diet is supposed to be good for you), and if I could find a way to knit in my sleep I would do that too.  I have fallen asleep with knitting in my hands, but that’s not really the same thing.  Even with all that in mind I am a little shocked to be sharing this shawl so soon after its cast on date.  A mere 33 days after I started it, I can to present to you a finished Mystery KAL Earth & Sky shawl by Stephen West.



I was unfortunately not able to extend the shawl to full length due to an arm injury. But it wraps around me nicely.

I love my shawl and skipped out on the blocking so I could wear it to work.  It’s also the first time I have attempted intarsia knitting.  Initially I was very concerned when I read that the technique was involved in the knitting process, but by that point I had paid for the pattern and bought the yarn, so I figured I was pretty committed.  I am pleased to report that intarsia did not cause my needles or yarn to burst into flames or make my brain ooze out my ears.  (I really hate it when that happens.  It makes a huge mess and is really hard to stuff back in.)  So I will consider this to be a glowing success.


So much of a success that I am really tempted to make another one in different colours.  If only the yarn store I needed was closer to my house there would be Earth & Sky Shawls for everyone.


Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool
Pattern Alteration: Increased needle size to 4mm/6 US

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