Year Of Projects Update – Sept 18th

After the wonderful success that was last week, this week has been the evil doppelgänger.  I have accomplished very little in the way of knitting.  The reason for this was waking up last Sunday feeling like someone had beat me about the right arm with a baseball bat.  I have no idea exactly what caused the muscle strain, but it was bad enough that for the last seven days even the most mundane tasks have been a challenge.  I couldn’t raise my arm above my head, holding my hairdryer was out of the question, and getting dressed was a challenge.  One of the most painful moments each morning was putting on my bra.  There’s a little action that I think we all must do right after you’ve put the strap over your shoulder where you adjust it to make it lay flat and assure that it’s in right spot.  I’ve  never really paid attention to that action until this week when it reduced me to tears.  But there is good news.  After about Wednesday my arm has started to feel better every day, and I almost have a full range of motion back.  My arm is still sore, but now it feels more like I’ve been hit with a wooden spoon and the throbbing isn’t constant.   My arm feels more exhausted than continuously sore.

I was still able to get some knitting finished this week.  Two more blanket squares for the Noro blanket.

That means I only have two to go!  But knitting was a huge production that involved having to jab my elbow into my hip bone and smash my arm between my body and a ton of pillows to keep it from moving.  Even with all that I could only knit for a few minutes before my arm was throbbing and exhausted and I was becoming cranky and whiny.  (My husband will confirm that I don’t complain about pain very often.  I am very stubborn and there isn’t much that can slow me down this long.  He’s actually pretty convinced I’ve torn a muscle.  So thanks for letting me whine here.)

And that’s when I discovered I could still spin!!!!!  I had started to try to find a few minutes each day to sit at the wheel, but now that was really all I could do with my stupid complaining arm and look what I finished.

Later today it’s going to be wound onto my Niddy Noddy and then be given a little bath.  I’m very excited and this week wasn’t a complete write-off.

I am hoping in the coming week to finish the remaining squares and my BFF’s birthday gift, and cast on my Mum’s socks.  I would like to spend some time with the final wing of my Mother-in-Law’s Astrick and if I’m really really organized get back to Christine’s gift.  (I’ve figured out she does read this blog from time to time.  I still expect you to act surprised if you saw the start of your Christmas gift.  Oh and if you’ve seen it and hate it, let me know that too so I won’t keep knitting it.)

I hope you had a better knitting week than I did.


14 responses to “Year Of Projects Update – Sept 18th

  • Kepanie

    Sorry to read about your arm. Ouchie!
    Your experience reminds me of when I was intensely sewing a Build-a-Bear kit for one daughter at a birthday party and the next day I hurt in my neck, shoulder blades, and arm.
    Glad you got some spinning in but make sure you heal.
    Like how you’re using Noro for the squares b/c the yarn covers the pizazz part of the project and all you have to do is knit each up.

  • Faith

    Glad to hear your arm is on the mend…….that must have been horrible, especially not knowing how you did it…….you haven’t been sleep-tennis-playing have you? Really love the noro squares, I reckon I need to get me some noro, keep reading about it, but I want some!

  • Charlotte

    I’m sorry to hear about you arm, I think hubby is right, you might have torn a muscle!! Glad it is improving each day, and it has not slowed you down too much in the way of crafting, and blogging!

    Impressed with your spinning, well done!

    Do hope your arm continues to improve, looks like you’ve got a couple of busy weeks ahead when it comes to knitting!!

  • Hazel McTaggart

    Noro blanket!! 😀 I am envious! 🙂

  • sandy

    Ouch, hope you’re feeling better soon. Take it easy. Lovely squares.

  • TwirlyCurlyBird

    Beautiful knitting and spinning, I hope you are well on your way to feeling better, that sounded just horribly painful!

  • Marsha

    Knitters are not allowed to have sore arms! It is the our worse nightmare and you lived with it for a week!

    Congrats on the squares and your spinning.

  • wypad

    I am so sorry to hear about your arm!!! 😦 I think injuries are the worst when you have no idea what caused them.
    At least you were able to still spin! (I’ve heard from others that when knitting is a no-no, somehow spinning is still ok — though in my case, it probably wouldn’t be since I use a drop spindle.)

    I hope your arm continues to get better and maybe next week can be this week’s not-evil doppelganger. 😀

  • babygreens

    Your spun yarn and squares are beautiful, how exciting to only have a couple more to do! Sympathies for your arm, I hope you are fully mended soon. You’ll have to team up with Misty at Wooly Mammoth as she’s on the injury bench too.

  • MindingMyOwnStitches

    Ouch, sounds painful! Thank goodness things are starting to get back to normal.Your handspun looks lovely!

  • Underground Crafter

    I’m glad you are feeling better, and I know just the “little action” you are referring to!

  • Dorothy

    Glad to hear you were able to do something nice this week, in spite of that awful pain. Look after yourself and don’t try to overdo anything this week.

  • Natalie

    I’d never really considered the act of putting on a bra, but I can see where it would become painful… Interesting. Glad you’re on the mend, but take it easy won’t you!

  • Michelle

    Oh, no. I hate muscle strain! It’s especially awful that you didn’t do anything to earn/deserve it… I am really really envious of your noro blanket progress. Now that the weather is turning, I find myself wishing I had a nice big blankie to cuddle up with. I just can’t commit to one. 😦

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