Temptation Tuesday: or OMG What Now!?

Sock yarn ends.  You know you have ’em.  And if you’re like most knitters, you have more than a few.  And if you’re a knitter like me, you hate throwing ends out.  I, like most of us, love my stash of little tiny colourful balls.  I love looking at them and getting inspiration from them.  I am also aware of the staggering amount of fabrics that end up in landfill each year well, over a million tons in each of Canada, the US, and UK.  (That number is from a few years ago, so I really hope that it’s gotten smaller.)  And I hate the thought of adding to that number.  So I stash my little ends and try to find uses for as many of them as possible.

I think it's a pretty little pile

So far I’ve found two solutions I really like.  First is the sock yarn minion.

Maytal says "hello". He has a surprisingly loud voice for such a little guy.

If you missed the post about the trouble little Maytal causes, you can read all about it here.

But, here’s the tempting part.  The Sock Yarn Blanket by Shelly Kang.  I’ve been in touch with Shelly on Ravelry and she was kind enough to allow me to use her blanket photo here so that you can see just what I mean when I say it’s beautiful and oh so tempting.  I would love to be able to cast this on right now, but there needs to be more holiday knitting before I take on such a huge project.  This is the original sock yarn blanket.  Thanks Shelly for letting me share this here.

For directions on how to make your own blanket click here to go to Shelly's Blog.

Other knitting friends have started saving their own sock yarn ends for adding into the blanket which will only make the blanket all the more interesting.  My ultimate goal is to create a finished sock yarn blanket without spending any additional money and making it a true ends blanket.  (The few full skeins that are in the pile I received for free.)  I think it would be a great entry into the One a Day Group.  I know myself well enough to realize that after the initial excitement wears off I will have to have something to motivate me to continue through the long pretty haul that will be this blanket.

As you can see my post-Christmas wish list just keeps growing and I will have to figure out how to balance it all with my YOP list.  But I wouldn’t be me without being overcommitted.  I mean I suppose I could work on one project at a time.  (I bow down to all you monogamous  project knitters out there.)  But being slightly crazy gives me way more to write about!


12 responses to “Temptation Tuesday: or OMG What Now!?

  • Tink

    Of course, if you didn’t want to do the mitred squares, you could use all those sock yarn scraps to knit the Beekeepers quilt that is suddenly so popular…

  • Natalie

    When you said sock yarn ends, I was so expecting to see hexipuffs 😉

  • Tonya

    You know this tempting Tuesday thing is getting you into trouble 😉 . It would be okay if you were tempted by dishcloths or fingerless mittens. But no, you add a Bohus and a blanket made of sock yarn.

    I’d offer you my ends but I decided last week to make F single socks. He likes odd socks and loves knitted socks (they are slipperier on our floor).

  • stitchyalli

    Beautiful blanket! I too was expecting to see you mention the Beekeeper’s Quilt and hexipuffs!

  • Alittlebitsheepish

    I am making one of these blankets as my one a day project. I am really enjoying the story that goes with each square as I look at the blanket.

  • Vanessa

    Another one expecting to see hexipuffs. 😉 I’m starting to plan my own odds and ends of yarn blanket soon.

  • Michelle

    I’ve been thinking of working on a sock yarn blanket! I, like you, have collected quite a few balls of leftover yarns, and I would love to use them rather than waste them! I’m not sure I currently have enough for an entire blanket, but I figure it would be less exhausting to start knitting squares as I go than it would be to attempt such a huge project in one shot. Hopefully your xmas knits go quick so you can dive in!

  • wypad

    You have seen the Tiny Bunny Movement on Ravelry? You could probably make several hundred of them (if not many more!) with your leftovers. Or perhaps save your smallest scraps for those, but hey, it’s an option. 🙂

  • Suzy

    Note to self: Do NOT read Temptation Tuesday posts under any circumstances. You are weak. You cannot resist. You will break your #1 knitting rule weekly if you continue to read these…

    Mitered squares are kinda fun… And I have a lot of sock yarn leftovers… I wonder if my future minion will find mitered squares an attractive playground…

  • bigmonkeypie

    I’m having so much fun making my sock yarn blanket! But I went into it expecting it to take me years, so I just pick away at it here and there. I add a new square when I finish a pair of socks, and when I can I trade on Ravelry for new sock yarn minis. It’s fun and relaxing for when I’m in between projects (or, you know, when I have 5 projects in progress but just aren’t feelin’ any of them at the moment).

  • Knitting Unspiration | Twisted Stitcher

    […] wait… Yesterday I accidentally read Tempting Tuesday on Keri’s blog, When Did I Become A Knitter. Darn you Keri. Or should I say Thank you, Keri…  The sock yarn blanket was too much. I love […]

  • babygreens

    Bee Keepers is super cute, but this one has my heart. I think it’s beautiful. I can’t imagine how many socks you’d need to knit to have enough ends to do a blanket, though!

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