WIP Wednesday – The Squares are Finished!!!

I mentioned on Sunday during my YOP update that I was a mere two squares away from being finished the 20 squares I need for the Noro log Cabin blanket.  And I can happily report that the squares are finished!!!!!!!   Now before you get all excited and think that I can give you some tips on how to be a really fast knitter or that I have finally mastered time manipulation thus figuring out how to extend all of our knitting time by hours each day, it turns out that I simply can’t count.  When I thought I was casting on the 19th square I was in fact casting on the 20th square.  I am not sure what possessed me to count before casting on a new square but I am very thankful that I did.  (I didn’t actually believe that I had finished all the squares and even made my husband count them just to be sure.)


So now I have to start the long task of  blocking them all out to the same size.  Normally I would do this with my steam iron.  It worked great for the Lizard Ridge Blankets that I made.  I saw a blanket that had been over-blocked and really didn’t like the way it turned out.

I figure this puts in the good daughter in law category

The second Lizard Ridge blanket blocked with an iron

But for this I’m not concerned about that happening so I’ve opted for T-pins and blocking wires.  (Note to self – you need blocking mats.)
Then all that’s left to do is to arrange the squares and knit the joins and then this gift will be off the list.  It’s also one more gift afghan off my list and I can start thinking about who gets the gifted afghan next year. (A big thank you to my husband who voluntarily sewed in the ends for me while we watched Stargate Atlantis.)

For more great WIPS check out Tami’s blog.


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