Holiday Knitting Survival Tip #2

Tip #2 (courtesy of my spouse, and intended for all the other spouses out there)

Give Your Knitter Time Alone with Their Knitting.

My husband stresses that this is vital to the sanity of both the knitter and the spouse. It does not matter how you manage to arrange the alone time for your knitter, but it has to be done.  Work longer hours, go to the pub with your mates, take the children to a movie, just find a way to make it happen.
He can be quoted as saying “and if you frame it right you can make it look like you’re doing your knitter a favour”.
After many years if being together I can read between the lines a little for you. What he’s really saying is “For the love of God save yourself.  And if you like your children even a little you should try to save them too.”
I value this advice greatly.  It’s kind of a win win all around.  I get time to myself to knit uninterrupted, he gets to do something (hopefully) fun with his friends, and we both get time when we are not making the other person crazy.
My husband is smart, and he has a very good sense of self preservation, sanity preservation, and marriage preservation.  He also knows that unless he wants me to become more of a crazy women then I already am then I need time to knit alone, and he gets time to play video games or drink hoppy beers with the other men.  So let your spouse read this and then let them go and snuggle down to knit in silence.

(Husband’s note: Alone time for the knitter also greatly improves the size and quality of the knitted item(s) you will receive for the holidays.  I’m up to three sweaters so far.  My motives are not entirely altruistic.)


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