Creative Friday

My BFF’s super secret birthday gift is almost finished.  So close to being finished that I am confident that by the time you read this post it will be completely finished and just in need of blocking.  But, I can’ t show that to you today.  It has to wait until some time in November after she’s opened our faded blue gift bag and has seen it.  So I thought I would do something a little different and show you a finished object that she’s given me.

These are my set of Dashing, in buttery soft baby alpaca.  Most often my BFF will give me something that will encourage more knitting.  She bought me my ball winder, multiple balls of yarn, and is responsible for my husband buying me a swift.  She’s the owner of one of the two wheels currently in my living room, and we refer to all of our books as the joint knitting library.  But that particular year she made something for me.  I love fingerless gloves.  I have many pairs.  I have them in different lengths and they serve different purposes.  But these are one of my favourite.  I love everything about them and I love the fact that they are a beautifully constructed pair of hand knit gloves that I didn’t knit.

You can find these on

I always chuckle to myself when my BFF says she doesn’t knit for other people.  That’s  flat-out wrong.  She just doesn’t knit for people all at once.  Unlike me who only knits for others at Christmas and the odd birthday, I think she’s knit for every new baby born to anyone she knows since I’ve met her, and for her Aunt, and for random birthdays.  She had a horrific experience the day before a baby shower when she was knitting in a restaurant and the waitress dumped a margarita on the baby shower gift.  (The recipient  still received a hand knit object.  It was just a little late.)

But I think the gift we all love the most is the love of fibre and knitting that she’s given to so many of us.  I can think of multiple people, myself included, that would have never even have started to knit if it wasn’t for her.  If the knitting mafia did exists she’d be the Godfather of it.  (I just had the most ridiculous vision if my BFF inspecting a brief case full of freshly shorn fleece and pounding her fist on the table saying “you expect me to believe this is pure Alpaca!!!!”  And then having the enforcers from either side of the room step forward with knitting needles and tape measure in hand, dragging the offender into a field with the actual sheep and Alpaca.)

I guess that technically,  inspiring someone to knit is a WIP and not an FO.  But this post does include two FO’s, one for me and one for her.  And as soon as I can I will show you hers.

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